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I plan to (need - WILL) lose a ton of weight before my September wedding.  I think I may have found the dress I like.  Nothing too crazy expensive.  
My question is...Do I get the dress now?  And if so, what size do I get it in?  The size I am today?  A size or two smaller?  Or the size I HOPE to be come wedding day?  I just hate to get it the size I am now, and have to pay a ton of money in alterations for a dress that's not so expensive to begin with!  Thoughts???

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  • I found the dress off the rack at Macy's.  I had found one a month or so ago that I liked and it is no longer available - so I'm a little afraid to wait on this one and it's not available when I want to buy it.
    And by "a ton of weight" I mean, I'm hoping for at least 60 pounds!  That's a lot to take in on one dress...  But I also understand that is a lofty number...
  • OP, I would be very careful with this one.  Normally I'm all for rushing into things (seriously), but do you know what you'll look like at your goal weight?  What if you have new-found features you decide you want to accent?  I know that's what happened to me when I lost the weight.
  • those are great points!  Thanks everyone!
    I'm starting a weight loss challenge this week with a group of girls that will go 12 weeks.  I can see how my progress is then and decide when to start looking for a dress.
    I'm also going to start zumba calsses twice a week as well as the couch to 5k program which will get me running 3 times a week!  I'm in a serious mission!
    I'll wait and see how I look and feel come summertime...  :)
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    [QUOTE] Food tracking, for a lot of the posters on this board, is the number 1 key to our weight loss success.
    Posted by kwitherington[/QUOTE]

    Truth.  I never thought I ate badly.  A few days of tracking my calories and seeing exactly how much I should be eating was eye-opening.  I wasn't eating the best and I was eating way too much. 

    Weight loss is definitely about both exercise (which you have covered) and eating.  In fact, it's more eating than exercise.  I'd definitely look into Sparkpeople or DailyPlate (I use this one) as a way to calorie count.  It'll keep you on track and teach you a lot about food.
  • I say get the dress now. They can always tailor it down. Also as for losing weight, I would go to and click on the products tab and click bod-e. Its a dummy proof way to lose weight. It actually works, they even offer a money back guarentee. I am a september bride tpo and I am doing this. There is a 12 week challenge that you can do or keep doing it up until the wedding! Your choice. :) Message me if you want to talk!
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