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I just started LesMills body pump yesterday. I am really excited about it, lifting weights is a preferred workout for me. It sounds like the training will keep your muscles toned rather than getting too bulky (which is definitely how I would prefer to look in my wedding dress). Anyone else try this? Any tips?

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  • I've tried it once and enjoyed it, I don't have any tips though. I plan to try and go again this weekend - maybe a suggestion would be to get there early if you have any questions so you can ask the instructor :)
  • Hi there!
    YES and YES! 
    I'm actually going through the Les Mills instructor training right now (for BodyStep first.. Pump will be a while for me because I want to do a couple others first). 
    But have been an avid Pumper for 3 years now! 

    If you don't know what to lift, how to lift, are embarassed to lift, etc out in the main gym, Body Pump is absolutely wonderful. 3 years later, I still end up sore after a pump work out. And no, there is no "bulking up" unless you are built that way. That has little to do with the program, though. That has more to do with your genetic make up. Don't let that scare you. 

    My only tip is to be a narcissist. Continue to check yourself out in the mirror for perfect technique. You feel silly checking yourself out so much, but you always want to be safe and the better technique, the better the work out! 

    If you have other Les Mills classes at your gym I Highly recommend trying them out. Cardio is just as important as strength training, and balance/flexibility are often forgotten :) 
  • I love body pump!  Pump is how I am getting my wedding dress arms!  My tips are: take it slow. There is no need to rush to add more weights.  Also, make sure your form is correct and enjoy!
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  • Hi Ali Joy,

    I haven't doen Les Mills Pump but it is something I am thinking of doing in the future I am currently doing Insanity which is put out by the same company beach body, and it is going great. If you would like to be part of a support group that will help motivate you let me know I am getting one started next month. You can email me at 
  • Thank you for your posts ladies! Great advice! I actually bought the DVD set through a friend who's a coach. I like the versitility of being able to work out at home. 
    firsttimersluck That 's awesome you're going through the training. Good for you! I appreciate your tip on being a  narcissist and looking in the mirror to make sure my technique is most benefitial. It also makes me work out harder when I see dimples or a fat roll!
    MelissaJB22, you must have read my mind! I do feel like I need to rush and try to lift more weights. I was wondering if I should inrease, I'll wait to do that. I'm only on Day 4, so I do need to be patient. I know the workouts will get more intense. I don't know why I think they need to be more painful/intense!
    Thank you buriostegui for offering a support group, I appreciate that! I actually bought my DVD set from a coach/friend, who started a support group as well. 

  • I totally agree with firsttimersluck! Body Pump is FANTASTIC! I hate weight training on my own because I get bored, so this class is a must for me. It really teaches you a lot about form, proper technique, and mixes quck reps to get your heart rate up and fatigue the muscles with slower ones for time under tension. Excellent workout - you actually keep burning calories long after your workout is over. All of the Les Mills classes are great so if your gym offers others definitely try them out. I'm a Les Mills RPM instructor and that is great cardio workout that allows you to burn MAJOR calories and tone your butt and legs. I'm a huge fan of the LM Body Flow and Body Combat too. I just started doing Flow more regularly and have noticed I'm getting more toned, better core balance, and more flexibility. Combat is a great stress reliever because you feel like you're kicking major butt! Good luck!
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