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Calling All You Runners

It was an ordeal and a half to get myself to run two miles, and not quick ones.

We all just got into the 10-mile Broad St run.  I only initially registered in case my best friend or H didn't get it.  I am really on the fence about giving my number to any one of my running friends, but am also wondering what the feasibility of running 10 miles (all pretty much flat) by May 5th.  Can I realistically do this, or am I a little too short on time to train at this point?  Honesty is appreciated, as they do sweep people off the route...

If you realistically think it's in the cards, I would love to hear your thoughts about what it would take me to get there, your favorite training plans, and, if true for you, how you went from being a non-runner to a runner.  I will weight lift all day, but running and I have always been enemies.

A side note - I do have a bad knee but would probably treat myself to new awesome shoes before training as cushioning usually helps, and have severe acid reflux that always kicks up so I have to do any activity on an empty stomach.  (TMI: even in two miles, I usually have to carry tissues to help clear the mucous out.  gross, I know.)

Re: Calling All You Runners

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    i just found out i was selected to run broad street as well. this will be my 3rd year. i think you have plenty of time to train. and i can tell you that there are people i know who walk it every single year so if they can do that you will definitely be able to run to the finish in a decent time.

    i am running a 10mile race down the shore on March 24th and i am following a 10week training program i found from fitness magazine. but hal higeons who is a former marathon runner has awesome training plans as well. i'm the total opposite of you i can run all day but you'll never catch me lifting a weight. i'm going to try to incorporate strength training this week, starting tonight and i am hoping it helps with my overall weight loss as well as helping me increase my speed.

    i highly recommend going to a running store and investing in a quality pair of sneakers that would be best for you, especially if you have a bad knee. you definitely have plenty of time to train! good luck, let us know what you decide!

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  • Is there a time limit on the run?  If not, then I think there is no reason not to give it a try.  Worst case scenario is that you run part and walk the rest.  I assume H and friend won't get mad at you if you can not keep pace with them. 

    Here is a training plan that fits nicely into your time frame:

    I haven't tried this plan, but I am using the Hal Higdon half marathon plan which was recommend by the board.  So I am assuming this plan is a good one as well. 

    I definitely am a former non-runner.  Seriously I used to be all: running is for when you are being chased, not for fun.  Those people out running in the rain and snow, what idiots.  Now if I go more than like 3 days without running I feel terrible.  I have all this pent up energy and can be really cranky.  Running is like a drug to me.  C25K (and maybe switching to VFFs) is what did it for me. 
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  • Awesome that you'll be running it gersh!

    haha, heather, that is SO the boat I am in now.  I started C25k on the treadmill but got so bored.  I don't get the point of running if it's not for a game-type sport, but I'm sort of looking at this as a brain vs. body game for myself.

    H and friend would go run together, I would not at all ask them to run with me - it's just not fair to them plus 'motivational talk' only makes me want to punch people, so no one would benefit haha.

    The Hal Hidgon plan doesn't look too unreasonable, but still scares me.

    The time limit is something like 2.5 hours for the 10 miles.
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    Regarding your side note:  I'm not sure what type of knee problems you have, but if running is going to make them worse in the long run, I obviously don't suggest pushing yourself to run.  I'd also suggest trying out minimalist shoes to see if that helps your knee, but I do not think you have enough time to make the switch and train for a 10 mile race.  So maybe something to consider for the future. 

    As for carrying tissues, maybe this will help (click).  Running and snot go hand in hand, especially during the winter for me.  I have had a runny nose on pretty much every single run from October to now.  No need to feel embarrassed. 
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  • oh my word heathers that article is hysterical!

    As for the knee- I think I would do this as a one-time challenge.  I'm not looking to run in the long term given my knee, but I'm hoping it would last through just this one event.  
    Back story: I have next to no cartilage left behind my kneecap (it all scraped off) so they shaved the bone down to avoid the bone taking off what little cartilage is left.  Usually a knee brace keeps it from grinding too much, but it keeps me usually restricted to cycling.
  • i think you need to be able to pace a 15minute mile or something like that. but you could defintiely try a run/walk combo. running a long distance might affect your knee so make sure you rest it properly.

    i used the hal higeon's half marathon training my 1st year of training for broad street. and it really helped me do well. last year i trained on my own and had a better time but definitely wasn't properly trained, i think it was just luck. this year i plan on using the same 10 week plan i am following now for my race in march.

    if you think you really want to do it, then go for it. just allow yourself the proper amount of training time. and definitely walk if you feel the need too. lots of people do run/walk combos. its a pretty flat course so you can train on the treadmill if you need too. that is where i do most of my running, because the only time you'll catch me outside running is for races.

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    Congrats on getting in! You can do it! You've got plenty of time. Here are some things I can think of off the top of my head: 1- Are you off today? Run (no pun intended) to your local running store and get new sneaks. Bring your old ones so they can see how you pronate along with your fave socks. If you feel like driving a bit, Sneaker Factory in Basking Ridge does a thorough gait analysis, although any good store should be able to help. Isn't there a Princeton Running Company? 2- Find a good training plan. This is one of my projects for today too. If you hate the treadmill, consider running outside. Just dress appropriately and you should be fine. The rule is to dress for 20 degrees warmer than it really is. 3- Take your time. It's not a race, yet. You've got to train your body to be out there longer, and that takes endurance, not speed (that will come later). 4- Cross train and STRETCH. Weights will definitely help you avoid injury, as will stretching. Do you or your H have a foam roller? If you want new running friends, run with us! We are not fast and are training for the NJ Half which is the same weekend as your run. I'm a little far from you but my cousin is in Cherry Hill and we will do a run or two by the canal. PPs have great advice. When I first started I was lucky if I could run to the bus. Seriously, YOU CAN DO IT! PS I have a bandana in my pocket at all times for my runny nose.
  • Here is more information about using walk breaks:

    Also audio books are great for reducing boredom. I also like musicals/soundtracks because it is a lot like watching the movie.  I am very guilty of listening to the Beauty and Beast soundtrack or the Tangled soundtrack while running. 
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  • I don't have too much to add because PPs have done a fantastic job.  But I wanted to say that I definitely think 10 miles is do-able for you.  I was in your same boat not too long ago.  I spent YEARS stuck in the 2-3 mile rut (partly due to a medication issue, but the point still holds).  Once I gave myself permission to care less about times and all that, I started to slowly stretch out my runs, even if  I had to break for a minute or two to walk.  But here's the hopeful part I wanted to add:

    I (and a lot of other runners I know), found that adding miles are not all equal.  In other words, once I got to a solid base of 4-5 miles consistently, adding a mile each week happened SO much easier.  So investing the time and energy now to build up that base is really the tough part, but it was pay off in spades very soon.  In the past month I've upped my long run from 6 to 9 miles without much difficulty at all.  So just a hopeful thing to look forward to in the future.

    Plus, as you know, there's a few of us knotties training for long-ish races around that time, so you'll definitely have encouragement from here!! 
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    Thanks ladies!

    Just went for a run/walk now, instead of plyo, to gauge where I'm really at and it went worse than expected.  My body felt fine but my head is another story - I'm all sneezy and my nose feels weird...?  
    It's going to be an interesting and hard 10 weeks, to say the least, if I'm going to do this...
  • Walk that sucker. 

    Walk it hard. 


    (yes, I realize that I'm useless in this conversation.. I just wanted to show my support *waves little Lobster flag*) 
  • bahahah <3 you ftl.  H does say he thinks I should try out for competitive speedwalking, that might not be a bad plan b.

    I think I need to find one of those 'Running S*lcks' shirts for this.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Calling All You Runners</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Calling All You Runners : I absolutely cannot run if I have a head cold. It makes my head throb and makes me feel very short of breath. I know some people do it, but they must have cavernous sinuses or something, because for me it is like someone has my head in a vice and is trying to smother me. Nope, no thanks! Wait until you dry up a bit.
    Posted by Liatris2010[/QUOTE]

    <div>Running opens everything up for me. I actually have no sense of smell unless I'm exercising or immediately thereafter. Running with a cold sucks at the time, but I almost always feel so much better afterwards.</div>
  • I'm going to grab my little skirt and pom poms and cheer you on!

    I've always wanted to be a runner. Last year I started the C25K, but I started it too early in the spring, and the weather was too harsh, so it lapsed. By the time the weather was ready, I was preoccupied with getting a job for this fall ...

    You've got this! (*does wavy thing with pom poms and gives high kick)
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