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Anyone on FatSecret?

A co-worker of mine lost about 100+ lbs and he said he just kept a food journal plus used online recipes and swore by

I just signed up so I don't have an opinion on it yet. I like that my caloric intake is more realistic than MFP though.

Re: Anyone on FatSecret?

  • Never heard of it. Most people here are on MFP. A couple of us (me included) use Livestrong. 
    Spark people is also popular
  • I think journaling is super important even if you aren't trying to lose any weight. It's amazing to see what you are actually consuming sometimes. I've never used FatSecret but it seems like another version of MFP. Upon browsing I am seeing some recipes that I like on there.
  • I didn't find anything special about fatsecret.

    It really doesn't have that many recipes or food to add to my journal. I used to use Livestrong because they have tons of informative articles. I guess I can just keep using all of them for information and recipes and log on MFP.

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