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Newbie Knottie!

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Good Morning!

I'm new to the Knot, trying to get myself in shape 1) for overall lifestyle and health, 2) for my brother's wedding next May, 3) for when I and my wonderful man decide to get married (it's a given, just a matter of formal engagement, planning, saving, etc). Hoping to find support and tips/ideas for healthy, easy prep meals and exercise!

Background on me: Knee problems since high school make running very painful, weight went up in college and grad school, and I want to change that around! My guy is behind me 100%, but being a former Marine, his workouts are waay too much for my poor left knee (the darn thing actually clicks and pops every time I bend it, aches in cold weather and in major weather changes or storms...good thing I live in Florida!)

Re: Newbie Knottie!

  • Hey! Welcome to the board. There are lots of great low-impact exercises you can do. I have pretty bad joint problems and am able to use an elliptical with no issue. Swimming is always a good choice too (especially if you live in Florida!)
  • Welcome! 

    Swimming is always a good choice for non-impact cardio. 

    My FI has really bad knees too, and he has found biking to be a great low impact way to strengthen his knees. However, one caveat to that, depending on what the issue is with your knees, biking can exacerbate the problem. I would get cleared by a doc, and make sure you have your bike professionally fitted, to avoid making any problems worse. 
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