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Get it right, get it tight.... For that day...

Hey All,

I'm trying to get it right, get it tight with Kanye's workout plan. LOL.. Anyone remember that song.. LOL.. Anyways, does anyone want to start a challenge for that big day. we can share recipes, workout exercises, and blog about the hard days... I have an idea, we should challenge ourselves to work out atleast 3 times a week starting Jan 1st.. I know some people have a while before their big day, but at least  when that big day come, you will be working on the toning as oppose to trying to get all the access weight off..  I have a few exercise ideas if interested, and it's just 45 min a day.. Just need a buddy so we can keep each other motivated. Me personally, I have a problem eating the chips and cookies. LOL.. SMH..  Let me know your thoughts.. Hope everyone have a blessed day........
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