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Good article about ideal weight

Because it has been an issue for me lately. And because it's always good to read up on staying healthy, which this promotes. And it links to other articles about things we press on this board, such as lifting heavy and eating lots of lean protein. Clicky
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Re: Good article about ideal weight

  • From the department of Why-didn't-somebody-tell-me-this-when-I-was-17:

    That's so true about BMI. The article doesn't mention it but I think this is worth saying: the patterns of fat deposits matter also. Even if you're "fuller-figured" if the fat is mostly on your butt and thighs (and those stupid upper arms, argh!), that's not a bad thing at all per se. It's actually an indicator of good metabolic health. It's the belly fat that's a problem, as it indicates metabolic stress and the presence of visceral fat. So embrace those lower body curves, ladies!
  • ^ Troof! 
    THat's a large reasonw why women tend to outlive men. Men naturally gain in the belly, while majority of women tend to gain in the hips/thighs.. Gaining in the belly means more fat near your heart. So strange. 

    That was an interesting article. I hate the whole.. BMI thing. I don't understand why people latch onto it when it doesn't take into account soooo much. THat's why I trust looking at bf% over anything.. But at this point, I'm tired of obsessing over that number as well. Now it's just about maintaining and getting more definition wheere I want it. I realize my body type will never allow me to be "skinny" (like.. visually skiiiinny I could never get down to a Zero in pants.) and that's something I need to just.. get over. 
    Damm you, social media. 
  • That's not petty, Stage. Totally feel the same way. And it's funny because I think it really throws guys off to see a girl next to them doing legitimate lifting. I always get guys looking at me with a little bit of a confused expression
  • What kinds of gyms do you guys go to? I never get weird or disparaging looks from guys. The occasional creepy guy with his eyes glued to my ass, yes, but nothing negative in terms of "what are you doing here?" Maybe because I'm not small, so maybe they don't bat an eye at a woman close to their own size? I don't know. I've even had men legitimately ask me for suggestions in a not trying to pick me up kind of way when they see me do uncommon exercises like Turkish get-ups.
  • Oh I totally get you, Lia -  I would totally be weirded out about seeing my students in the gym. Luckily I live faaaar away from campus so this is not an issue.
  • Unchat, it's not that the men don't think I necessarily BELONG there. It's that they don't ever SEE women in the lifting area. lol. My new gym has a ton of prissy girls that lift no more than 10 pounds during a Body Combat class so you never see anyone in the free weights area. 

    My old gym had women in the lifting area a lot so this wasn't the case.  
  • It's so interesting how gym culture varies. I go to a chain gym in a very yuppy area and there are a lot of majorly ripped women lifting there. And oddly enough, no Barbie dolls. I wonder where they are? ....
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Good article about ideal weight</a>:
    [QUOTE]Thanks cnf, that was a good article. I need to lift more weights. I just hate the weight area because their are boys there and I don't like seeing them at the gym. I feel like being seen there ruins my feminine mystique.
    Posted by Liatris2010[/QUOTE]

    <div>I love going over to the weights when it's over run with meatheads. I start slinging 15-20lbs dumb bells and they scatter. I think a tiny girl lifting bigger weights makes them more uncomfortable than it makes me. </div><div>
    </div><div>Oh, and I also work out at a college gym thanks to FI being the assistant drirector for rec and fitness. I get to workout for free at their high end campus gym and as annoying as the students can sometimes be, I try to remain grateful for the fact that I have all of that free to me whenever I want it. </div>
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  • I liked the article, but at the same time the ideal weight range for me is still too low - my skeletal structure alone will not allow me to get down as low as is "ideal". I've accepted this and am working towards a healthier lifestyle in general that I can maintain (instead of killing myself to get down to an "ideal" weight that I probably wouldn't ever be able to maintain)
  • I still have some more pounds to go to get to ideal but I'm still in a good range to not be overly obsessive about it.  The main thing is maintaining a decent range once I reach it.  That's become a bit more difficult.  But I'm trying to take one day at a time.  This board really helps!
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