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Monday Accountability

Boo Monday.  This weekend was so much fun.  One year done, lots to go!

B: Chocolate PB Banana shake, small piece of banana bread, coffee w/ skim milk
S: apple and string cheese
L: Ancient grains wrap w/ chicken, baby spinach, bean sprouts and Sweet onion dressing
S: greek yogurt w/ honey and craisins
L: Spinach Fritatta.

E: NROL4W Stage 7 Workout 3
PW: chocolate raspberry recovery shake
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Re: Monday Accountability

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    Nice productive weekend with not too horrible eating and a day at the beach :)

    B - strawberry bagel-ful w/ french vanilla Special K protein shake
    S - banana
    L - 1.5 c FiberPlus Protein cereal in 1/4 c. vanilla almond milk
    S - grapes
    Pre-D - salad w/ LF rasp vinegar dressing
    D - homemade burger on sandwich thin w/ lettuce, tomato, sundried tomato mozzarella LC wedge
    S - watermelon w/ FF cool whip or apple crumb Vita Muffin top

    E - HIIT/elliptical w/ arm weights, possibly 30 DS if it doesn't take us long to apply for our marriage license :)
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    Morning! We did a lot of going out to eat this weekend which was not great. We're also moving Tues/Wed which means I'll only be able to get to the gym today and Thurs/Fri and we'll be doing take out. I predict this week is not going to go too well. I'll try my best!

    b- life, coffee
    l-chobani and strawberries.
    d- no idea, eating at the FILs.

    e- 60 minutes elliptical and then packing
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    Good morning!  I also had a lot of "good eating" this weekend...but I did pretty well..   Still not going to weigh in till Wednesday a.m. though :)

    B:  yogurt, cup of strawberries
    S:  protein bar (homemade)
    L:  yogurt, fresh fruit cup
    S:  almonds

    E:  skipped my a.m. workout :(
        p.m. Kickboxing class
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    Oh how I hate Mondays! I don't want to go to work today!

    B- 100 cal bagel with LF cream cheese
    S- Yogurt
    L- peanut butter and sugar free peach preserves on light bread
    S- granola bar
    D- pasta salad
    S- soy nuts 

    No exercise planned today since I have to work till 11pm. Then I have to drive over an hour home. Oh this stinks!
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    Well, I went to a dry wedding on Saturday, so that was helpful. The Mexican food we stopped for on the way home last night? Not so helpful!

    B - egg white, cheese, spinach on english muffin
    S - peanuts
    L - hummus, black bean and feta wrap
    S - fiber bar
    D - TBD

    E - TBD, maybe running tonight.
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    B - Vanilla protein shake w/mixed berries and flax oil
    S - Baby carrots and hummus
    L - Pulled pork, steamed broccoli, cucumbers
    S - Edamame
    D - Chicken breast, celery
    S - Vanila protein shake w/mixed berries

    E - None :( (stupid injury!)
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    This weekend was good saturday, but I totally ate terribly yesterday.

    B- grapes and a freaking brownie (grr)
    S- 100 cal ritz
    L- Smart Ones meal
    S- greek yogurt
    D- Soup and salad

    E- 30 day shred

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    Hi, I'm new to these threads! I've been reading the accountability threads for a while, though, and you guys have been a total inspiration to eat healthier lately. I thought I'd join in!

    B: Puffins cereal with milk, Gatorade (after a run)
    S: Apple
    L: Cottage cheese, pineapple
    S: Yogurt
    D: Slow-cooker chicken taco soup and naan (the store was all out of tortillas!), probably frozen yogurt

    E: 3 mile run this morning
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