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Hi! I'm new so I appologize if this is a lame question- but I did look through the last few pages of board to avoid being biggest area I want to help for the wedding is my arms.  Any faves/suggestions etc etc. to get arms in shape and toned?!?

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    im actually looking for some arm routines as well!
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    This is what I'm working on! or something like that.. anyways go there and look under free full lengths. Theres this workout "Tank Top Arms" I've been loving it! 

    Yoga Meltdown by Jillian Michaels really works your arms too. And your whole body!

    Also, from what I've read on here you can't just spot reduce your arms. You'll need to do cardio too to burn off fat.

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    Thanks Emily!  That's super helpful!  I already run 4mi 3x a week and/or hit up the gym for some cardio so I'm pretty on top of everything else- I'm just super nervous about my arms since I feel like they will be the one exposed thing on the Big Day.  I can suck anything else in (within reason) but there is no hiding the arms! 
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    I recommend looking at the 100 pushup challenge on the sticky at the top of the board.  I have been doing it and between that and other arm toning/weight exercises, I'm really noticing a difference and others have commented on it as well.
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    Oops, I see the sticky is gone, here is the link!
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    I definitely recommend pushups as well as tricep dips.  Holding plank will tone your arms as well as your core as well.  Good luck!

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