Getting in Shape

Make a specific plan for getting in shape for your big day!

Hey Brides to be:
Like everything else you are doing with regard to getting ready for your wedding,  losing weight and getting in shape requires a specific plan and time line as well.

1. Make sure you have time carved on your weekly calendar for your workouts. Pick a specific time and activity so you will know the day before exactly what you are doing. PLAN AHEAD!
Get Motivated!
For example: Mondays and Wednesdays    6 pm - 7 p.m. straight from work you are going to Bridal Boot Camp Cool(in Grandview) or on

Tuesdays at 6:30 pm and Thursdays at 7 pm (Gahanna).  On these days you will get a cardio and strength workout (fairly intense, burn tons of calroies and body fat).

The day before and after Boot Camp:  6 pm    Go for a run/power walk with ? for at least 45 minutes. Include some intervals with your cardio to challenge yourself and burn more calories and body fat (speed up for a short time, slow down, etc).

One or two days a week can include a Yoga or Pilates class. You get the idea right?  Give yourself 1-2 days off to rejuvenate and recover. Every other day should be a "hard" day. The following day, can be an "easier" workout day where you don't push yourself quite as much. Eat properly and get plenty of sleep so you have enough energy to exert yourself during your workouts. Don't just go through the motions.

Find something fun like Bridal Boot Camp that will keep you motivated and accountabile so you will achieve all of your goals in time for your wedding!


I hope these tips will help get you started. Contact me for more information or questions. Nancy    FOREVERFITBYNANCY.COM    Kiss
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