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I started changing my diet and increasing my activity level ater Christmas. 2 weeks ago I decided to get a Striiv Play (similar to a fitbit) to help me track. When I brought new gadgets into it, FI decided he wanted to, too! I'm so excited and proud of him for joining me on this weight loss journey/lifestyle change! Although I am a little jealous of how quickly he caught up to me! :)

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  • Congrats! I hope you two are able to continue to motivate one another.
  • Congrats!  Keep up the good work!
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  • That's awesome! My FI does not look overweight, but he is about 30 up from where he was when we met. I thought he was too thin (he is built, so it looked weird) but he liked it. He binges now, and I try to catch him and stop him but he just grabs the brownie and runs...literally lol. It's funny but I also know him being overweight really bothers him. I wish he would track his food like I do, even if I haven't really lost any.

    I am proud of you both!
  • That's awesome!
    It's soo much easier staying motivated when you have someone else holding you accountable. :) 
  • Thanks ladies! It's kind of fun to come home from work and see who "won" each day. We're trying to figure out some kind of reward for the winner... maybe a foot massage before bed!

    FI wouldn't really even think about joining me until we got the new activity moniters. He's a gadget guy... I guess it was all about finding a way for him to do it that got him interested. Now that he's seeing results he's super excited!
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