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NWR: broken sunglasses

so... smart me stepped on my FAV sunglasses. anyone know a place where i might be able to get them fixed? it's metal and i bent the side of it (i have no idea what that's called...)
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Re: NWR: broken sunglasses

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    edited December 2011
    Hmm... if you bought them at a designer and/or sunglass store then I'd start there.

    If not, I'd check out the Sunglass Hut or somewhere similar and see if they have any tools to help fix it.  Perhaps even the Fast Fix jewelry places?   I know that is random but they may have something to help.
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    carmen9311carmen9311 member
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    yeah, i'll start at the store i originally bought them from. i googled and found a place, but it looks like the charge 70+, in which case i might as well buy a new pair! 

    thanks for the suggestions. i'll check out fast fix places if the others ones don't pan out. 
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