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What was your no-fail motivation for getting to the gym?

Hi Ladies! So I'm not a bride (serious, hopefully marriage-headed relationship, but no ring at this point haha) but I am IN two weddings this spring (may 19th and June 1st). Besides the fact that's also bathing suit season, we are going to Vegas May 11th for one of the bachelorettes.

I absolutely NEED to tone up and lose a few pounds (literally, around 10 maybe) before Vegas, as I know we'll be at pools during the day and there will  be pictures taken. I'm not terribly uncomfortable overall, but I also don't love how some things fit me and how I look in pictures.

I am finding it hard to get into a routine that I can absolutely stick with. I'm trying to tell myself that when I look fit and non-flabby in pics, I'll be SO happy, but there is a tiny part of me that's also saying "you have time, relax".

What was your no-fail way to get your butt in gear????

Re: What was your no-fail motivation for getting to the gym?

  • 1st. A good, balanced, healthy diet. Healthy foods keep me energized and help me lose the weight just by eating.

    2nd.  I wake up early to workout.  It's a pain, but if it's what you want.. you'll find a way.

    3rd.  The ladies on the boards.  The TK chicks have been a constant motivation to me and are real sweethearts.
  • Though I took a break for a bit, I've gotten back on track and motivate myself by knowing how I'll feel the next day if I haven't.  I always remind myself that I will never regret NOT going.
  • My motivation mostly stemmed from using - it holds me WAY more accountable when I'm actually keeping track of how much exercise and how much I'm eating.
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    [QUOTE]My motivation mostly stemmed from using - it holds me WAY more accountable when I'm actually keeping track of how much exercise and how much I'm eating.
    Posted by entropicbeauty[/QUOTE]

    You know, I actually used MFP for a while! I know some people swear by it but for some reason it just didn't push me, not sure why. There would be times I would get excited to enter everything in my diary, but it never really motivated me if that makes any sense haha.

    But good for you that it helps!! Keep it up <img src="" border="0" alt="Smile" title="Smile" />
  • Healthy eating gives me more energy to work out.

    I get up at 5am on a regular basis so working out in the morning is not an option.  Plus, I am more energized if I concentrate on getting enough sleep.  Instead of a morning workout routine I work out after work.  I found that getting a gym bag together that I can grab, or FI brings when I get dropped of by public trans is super helpful.  Then I don't fall into the trap of going home and slowly getting everything ready, sitting, snacking, etc.  Also, on the way home I eat some sort of granola/nut bar to give me a little extra boost to prepare for my workout.  
  • I just keep thinking of how I want to look and feel in 3 months. And I know that when the time comes, I'll be upset with myself and regret not working towards my goal if I'm not where I want to be. Does that make sense?

    Back in the day, I had the worst habit of thinking, "I'll start tomorrow." I saw a quote once that said, "You said tomorrow, yesterday." Had to laugh at that. From time to time I think of that, then just get off my butt and go to the gym.

    Now, since working out became more of a habit and into my daily schedule- it doesn't take as much to get to the gym.


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  • [QUOTE]I just keep thinking of how I want to look and feel in 3 months. And I know that when the time comes, I'll be upset with myself and regret not working towards my goal if I'm not where I want to be. Does that make sense? Posted by mbody[/QUOTE]

    Yes, that makes COMPLETE sense! That's what I'm trying to do now I think. I really am trying to get into a routine...I've figured this much out: I eat pretty healthy for the most part, cook at home 90% of the time and meals are usually lean meat (or fish), veggie and quinoa or couscous. Been trying really hard to eat something small for breakfast, and have been packing lunch (tuna with a little lite mayo on whole wheat bagel thin and a salad were today's lunch).

    And I've also figured I think I have to get up and go to the gym in the AM. I find WAY too many reasons to not go if I wait until after work. And I've just made a rule for myself, if I do skip in the morning (like today, because I want to go to the hip hop dance class this evening haha) I texted a friend right away to come with me so I'm more accountable.

    Now I just need to stop turning my alarm off at 5:15, get my butt up and keep going!
  • For me, it's my fiance that motivates me.  We workout together in the morning before work and we push each other.  My problem is the dieting....I always think "Oh I'll eat better tomorrow" but that isn't working because I am just maintaining my weight at the moment.

    I have about 10 pounds to lose also - which in all actuality is not that much.  It could take maybe a month, maybe 5 weeks.

    Set your alarm, go in the morning, you will feel energized ALL day, AND it will motivate you to eat well because you worked out and don't want to sabotage it.  Once you do that for like, a week, you won't want to stop. TRUST ME!
    Good luck! :)

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  • You sound iffy about what you really want out of your gym time. 
    First off, make an actual, specific goal. Wanting to "tone up and lose a few pounds" won't help you get motivated because, when do you know that you have met your goal? Whether it's a set number of pounds, body fat%, measurements, etc... Be specific!

    Diet is everything. I am 5'8 and 140 with 17% body fat. I didn't see my abs until I put my diet in check and started eating more clean. I food-log on, but there are many different sites the ladies here use. It will really help you wake up to how crappy your diet is. :P 

    As far as MOTIVATION, I found gym group classes that I LOVE with instructors that are phenominal. It makes me WANT to go, just because the music is awesome, the instructors are hilarious, and the classes are filled with women of all ages, sizes, and goals. The first week is absolutely the hardest.. but when you set a routine you are more motivated. 
    If you don't have options like group classes, WRITE OUT what exactly you want to work out at the gym each day (I suggest Xminutes of cardio and a couple muscle groups a work out. Just make sure you aren't forgeting strength training or cardio. You need both to be successful and fit) 
    When you write something out, it makes it seem like you HAVE to do it. It will also help you remember what pounds you lift, how many sets/reps you do, etc so you can watch yourself progress. (I bring a small notebook with me when I strength train on my own) 

    I'm not a morning person.. This mornin I did Body Step and Body Flow, but all other days I do evening gym sessions... Find what works for you. Not all of us are good runners, weight lifters, healthful dieters, morning gymers, evening gymers, etc. It takes a little time to figure out exactly what you want and need from the gym, but don't be discouraged. Remember that even if your just walking on the tredmill for 20 minutes, you did more than you would have had you sat on your booty at home ;)

    Also, don't reward yourself like a dog. If you do a good workout, eat well to match it. Don't tell yourself it's okay to have an extra cookie because you hit the gym. Tell yourself you can have that cookie because foods in moderation are totally fine! But letting yourself think you can have a little extra of this or that because you hit the gym will stunt your progress. They say 70/30 diet/exercise for fitness. Keep that in mind. 

  • As funny as it sounds, I put a picture of a Victoria's Secret model on the fridge, on the pantry door and in my gym bag. That way when I go to eat I go for more healthy meals or snacks just seeing the picture. I also allow myself one-two "cheat meals" throughout the week that allow me to indulge.
  • I found a saying on pinterest

    "the only workout you'll regret doing is the one you didn't"

    When I'm REALLY not wanting to get my lazy butt up -- I play that over and over in my head -- it's worked for me!  It's just SO true -- and so simple!

    Plus, I think once you start seeing results (myfitnesspal, scale, measurements) you become your own motivation!  10 lbs by may is can TOTALLY do that!
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  • I had a hard time getting motivated at first so I took my bridal mags and ripped out pics of all the gorgeous brides. I targeted pics that I chose - I picked a mermaid type dress (like mine) but picked a model with a really nice waist. I also picked a couple of pictures with models with nice arms (not stick skinny, but toned). Anyways, I work out at home so I pinned them up on my wall. Everytime I started to get tired I just looked at the pictures and it helped me kick it up a notch.
    I also made sure to take measurements. The scale is sooo NOT helpful to me (because I gain muscle quick and don't see results on the scale). I noticed lost inches right away which helped keep me motivated!
    I am NOT a morning person, so I work out right when I get home for work.
    good luck!!
  • 2011 was rough for me in many ways, including letting my fitness take a back seat.  I was miserable, and no one could fix it but me.

    I started exercising before work, and I put my morning workouts on my calendar, just like any other business appointment.  I don't think of exercise as punishment, because it isn't.  I get to work energized and feeling good.  Knowing how good I'll feel all day is motivation to get out of bed and go.  The progress I've made in 2012 is further motivation to keep going to the Y every morning, knowing how good I'm going to look and feel this summer.  I've also registered for two 100-mile bicycle rides, and I don't want to be draggingass on those.  I've been through the fit/fat cycle too many times to slide back into fat.

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  • My fiance. We keep each other accountable (no skipping the gym) and we are eating healthier together, so he isn't eating candy and junk food in front of me. We both work full time, go to school full time, and have a wedding in 6 months... so working out is our stress free time together :)
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    Omg, I used that too ( and lost 10 pounds and have kept it off for 7 months now! So awesome!!
  • Yeah I just remember "You never regret going to the gym, but you usually regret skipping it!!".  The feeling after a workout is sooo good.  If I'm really feeling unmotivated, I tell myself I will just complete my 10 minute warmup and then go home.  However, I have NEVER left after just my 10 minute warm up....once I get going, it just feels great and I always complete my workout.

    If you run, just tell yourself you'll go down the block, then see how you feel.  If it's the gym, just do your warm up.  9 times out of 10, you will complete your entire workout and feel fabulous for it!
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  • I make it easy for myself to go to the gym by prepping for it in advance (as many others have mentioned).

    When I'm going in the morning, the night before I set the alarm extra early, get my gym stuff out so I trip over it, and tell FI my plan.

    If I'm going after work, I'll lay my gym stuff out on the bed in the morning (w/my iPod and sneakers there, too) and leave a small, portioned out snack (like a few almonds) on the kitchen counter (because I know I'll be hungry when I get home and I don't want to get distracted ransacking the pantry!)

    I also have my bikini hanging on my pantry doorknob so I think twice before snacking.

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  • I joined a gym that I love with excellent trainers that stay and work with me on my hectic work schedule 7am-8pm 5 to 6 days a week.  Part of my issue before wasn't so much what I was eating as the workout that I didn't I didn't love doing.  I'm involved in MMA classes and have never been happier.
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    I would say variety of your workouts is crucial; for me at least I know I can get bored easily with the same exact workout every time.  I'm big on running but I like to mix it up with spinning or other cardio group classes, or hiking.  Also, grab a friend or your boyfriend to workout together and you can motivate each other.  A good friend of mine and I sign up for races together and then we train together and have a goal.  There have been days where I just want to go home and sit on the couch but when you're accountable to someone else you're more likely to follow through.  Lastly, find something you enjoy if you can.  I happen to enjoy running but I know a lot of people hate it.  Maybe you like biking or hiking or swimming or classes.  There are endless possibilities, especially at a gym that offers classes.  Good luck!
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