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Hi girls!

I've dropped in on a couple posts already over the weekend, but since I'm relatively new to the board I thought I should introduce myself!  I've always been a gym go-er, but since getting engaged last spring I've been a bit more vigilant in my efforts (especially given that I recently finished college and definitely had the tummy to show I had lived off of McDonalds, ramen, and beer for 5 years!).  I'm getting married in 4 months and am working hard to get rid of that bit of excess belly and keep everything else in line.  In my group of friends I'm the unofficial workout trainer since even at my worst I was still relatively fit.  When I'm not wedding planning or busting my butt at the gym, I'm either painting or racing cars with my future hubby :)

I've hit the motivational wall as far as workouts go since I'm happy with the shape I am, so if anyone has any tips on how to keep myself going these last 4 months until the wedding I'd love to hear them!

Re: Monday New Members

  • Hi, welcome!

    That's great that you're happy with your shape!  Since your goal is just to stay active and not just to lose weight, I would suggest trying new workouts.  Try activities you've never done before like a new spin class or hot yoga instead of your same old gym routine.  Do it for fun or stress-relief!

    There's a daily workout accountability thread below this one.  If you're looking for new workout ideas, I'm sure you could find some there!

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  • Thanks Jude!  I'll keep an eye out for the accountability threads to get some new activity ideas.  I've never tried a yoga class, I may give that a shot!
  • Welcome :)  I have to ditto heyjude.  Just try some new things and mainly have FUN with your workouts!
  • Thanks for starting the post! I'm new to this board also! My name is Sonya. I still have a really long time until my wedding, but I just view that as an opporunity to make sure that I am happy with my body by that point, and I have reached my goal weight! I used to be very active; I was a dancer. But for the past couple of years, I have really been slacking, and it definitely shows. I'm excited to be a regular on this board. I feel that it will help me be accountable!
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