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P90x Update

I know its only been a few hours haha but I thought I would share a little info.

I take my measurements every 2 weeks. since the last measure 2 weeks ago I have lost
.5 in off each thigh
.5 off chest
and .5 off hips---only .5 mainly becuse my bum is my problem area so Im really working on that.

Also--the cardio x and Kenpo with the p90 just dont do it for me. Honestly I need something a little more upbeat. So I replace the kenpo and cardio with turbo jam or billy blanks bootcamp dvd's. I just need that sweat factor. i need to feel like Im doing something and I dont get that a whole lot from the p90 cardio.
Honestly Turbo Jam is one of the BEST cardio workouts aside from spinning at the gym I have found. I workout on a pretty reg. basis.

Just thought this might help anyone struggling or wanting to know. This is my personal opinion tho. So if you love the cardio keep doing it. The weight workouts are kick A** for sure!
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Re: P90x Update

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    Hey, Glad you are having some success! I do not get much of a workout from Cardio either and Kenpo is just something different but you are right it is not super intense. Have you done the plyometrics video yet? That is an intense workout if you do all of the moves. I usually add a little running in outside of the videos to get my cardio fix. Congrats again on your losses!
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    No I didnt do the plyo, but I have been following the lean phase and it's not on my work out schedule. Ill try it tho. I just read last night tho that the cardio is actually not meant to be super intense. It says it will keep your heart rate below its anaerobic threshold,..and you will "sweat Comfortably". Guess I missed the whole point in it hahaha. I think maybe Ill add in the plyo and do some turbo as well.

    have you tried turbo?? If you like upbeat workouts and fun! you would love it.

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    no i havent tried that one but I may have to! Thanks for the tip :)
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    I would recommend trying the Plyo. Tony calls it the mother of all workouts. And I believe it! I always come out of it sweating. I've never tried the Cardio, but since you guys are saying you don't get much of it, I think I'll stick with Plyo.

    For Kenpo, you can add leg and wrist weights, and that will pick up the intensity. Turbo Jam is also good though. I did some Turbo Jam before I started P90X and loved it. Chalene is coming out with Turbo Fire at the end of June, I can't wait!

    Also, I know alot of people who do a P90X/Insanity hybrid. They follow the P90X schedule but on the Cardio days of P90X they do the Insanity routine. Which I've heard is really really intense!
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    I cant wait for the turbo fire to come out!!
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    Parker, I don't like the yoga either, but it is necessary. My problem is that it is an hour and half. I usually do the first 45 minutes one week and then the next week I'll do the second 45 minutes. I'm sure I would see better results if I did the full time each week, but I just can't handle it because I get bored. If Yoga wasn't a critical part of the program, Tony wouldn't incorporate it.
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    Yoga is one of my least favorite workouts as well.  When I'm in a hurry, I'll do the first 35 to 40 minutes (the moving options, as Tony says) and skip the balance postures and stretching and do the Yoga Belly portion at the end.  The first part is definetly the hard part, I don't think I would really want to skip that!  If I do skip the stretching I'll be sure to do XStretch on my off day.  Tony also has a Yoga One on One video that's only 45 min. long, and it is intense!  You could also try that out.  Good luck!
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