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Band "Booking Agent"? - Help!! - Long

Ok, so I know most of you probably aren't or didn't have bands at your weddings, but I'm hoping that maybe you can still give me some advice from a moral/ethcial perspective. Sorry for the lengthy story.

For several weeks I have been talking to Jared, the manager of the Identity Theft band. They seem awesome and I wanted to book them but it really is a huge chunk of money to throw down, and I wanted to be able to see them live before putting down a deposit. We were unable to make it to any of their shows the last few weeks (some due to conflicts, some due to being weeknights and the venues being an hour+ away from our house). Yesterday, I wrote Jared an e-mail, apologizing that we didn't make it out on Friday and asking if they had their March schedule available yet as we can't make the only 2 public shows they have left for the month. I mentioned that I didn't want our date to get swiped before we had a chance to see them. He writes me back and low and behold, our date has been swiped.

Jared then suggested that I contact a guy he knows named Eddie (who I later find out is an agent) and assured me that he would be able to hook me up with a few other good bands in the area. I considered contacting Eddie, but before I could give it a second thought, Eddie has e-mailed AND called me. Apparently he has already received my contact information from Jared (even though I never gave permission for it to be handed out). In Eddie's e-mail his exact words are, "I book the private events for Identity Theft as well as multiple additional bands in Dallas-Ft.Worth. We regret Identity Theft is already booked on 9-22-12 but I would be glad to forward you the list of bands that are currently open that day."

Ok, so my thought is, "Sweet! Someone who can help me! How nice!" I really assumed that he was just a manager for several bands in the area. So, I tell him that I would take him up on his help and give him the price range we are wanting to stay within. FF to today. I get a call and e-mail from George, who is with another band that I had been considering previously. He tells me that Eddie has contacted him and that Eddie is a booking agent and that if I book through him my fees to book will be significantly increased. He suggests that if I'm going to book with them that I do it on my own.

I am furious that this guy offered his "help" to me without explaining that there would be additional fees involved. I know nothing about booking agents, but I had no idea that they could just offer to "help" you and in turn charge you extra for something that you could easily do yourself. Eddie sent me a list of bands with prices (and some with audio clips) to consider. I tried contacting one of the bands myself and he told me that Eddie had already contacted him on my behalf, so he wasn't sure "what to do". I gave him a mini version of my schpeel about the situation. He suggested that I request that Eddie release the bands that he's submitted to me, so that I can contact them on my own.

ANYWAY, my question is...what the heck do I do? All I can figure is that I could write this Eddie guy back and explain that I feel that he misrepresented himself and that I had no idea he was a booking agent and if I had, I never would have used him. I think it's kind of ridiculous that a job like that even exists. It's called Google, my friend.

Re: Band "Booking Agent"? - Help!! - Long

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    Was this George Anderson of Signature Band? That's who I'm using. Before I realized that Identity Theft was out of my price range, I spoke with them a bit and worked with this agent (I think this is the Eddie guy). He was really pushy so I ended up just ignoring his emails.
    I don't know how much I can help, except maybe use your fiance to circumnavigate some of the bands he suggested.
    And FWIW, I didn't see my band live before booking them, just watched some clips. I realize it was a risk but the price was too good to pass up and they had good references and play a lot of the music we like.
    I can also recommend Willy Kickit, who played at my brother's wedding last year. The only reason I'm not using them is that I don't want to double dip so close to my brother's wedding.My dad went to high school with the lead singer and they're pretty good friends (but seriously, they're an awesome band, everyone loved them).
    Let me know if you have any more questions!
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    I book bands for concerts at Texas A&M and that's just the nature of the music business. If you go through the band directly, it's typically less expensive because they're not paying anyone extra. However, if you're booking with an agent, that's his job so he has to charge for his services. It's usually easier to work with an agent because he has access to information that's very difficult to get if you don't have any experience booking. At the same time, SOMETIMES agents can get you better artist rates so you end up paying about the same...it really just depends. If you have no experience, it'd be much easier to go through the agent. If you let him know your budget upfront, he should work with that and the asking price he gives you should include his cut. I would just ask him directly if those prices include the booking agent fee. When a band has a booking agent (which most do, unless they're just a local band), they are often required to work through the booking agent and not book shows on their own, it keeps their schedules from getting mixed up and it also helps maintain consistency. Hopefully this made sense. If you need any help or have any questions, let me know.

    Also, booking agents have been part of the music industry for a very long time. Their jobs are extremely difficult, simply because of the nature of what they have to do. Like most jobs, it might seem easy if you've never done it before, but it's much harder than just googling .
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    Cwaggoner, thanks for your help. Yes, I was referring to George from Signature Band.YGPM back.

    Valery, sorry if I was rude or offense in my comment about not seeing the point of a booking agent's job. My deal is, I completely understand the point of a BAND having an agent; however, this guy is not a personal agent for these bands, nor does he work with them all regularly (he didn't even KNOW their schedules!). He simply e-mailed them to see if they were available on my date, which I could have easily done myself. These are definitely all local bands, and I don't believe any of them are required to go through this agent. I just feel that I was mislead by him, that's all.

    Thanks for your input though. I will ask him if the booking fee was included in the prices that he estimated, but I'm guessing it was.
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    He must be a middle agent, they just have LOTS of contacts and (sadly) can usually get information quicker and easier from people. Just be persistent, you'll find something great! :)
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    I think the Knot ate my post... OP YGPM again. :)
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    I would just go through the band if that's the one you want. 
     You didn't sign anything with the agent so I don't think you're under any obligation to tell him what or who you book. I wouldn't tell him that you are upset he didn't tell you the charges. 
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    Crash, I tried contacting a few of the bands directly, but for the ones who normally do accept clients from agents, they won't work with me directly now. They're telling me that Eddie has already contacted them on my behalf, and that I must work through him unless I can get him to "release" them. Personally, I think it's ridiculous.
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    It's like they're blacklisting you! Could you get someone else to try and book them for you?
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    I'm not sure, I may try that route if I have to! I'm going to try e-mailing the agent today and expressing my distaste for the whole thing, so we'll see how it goes.

    P.S. YGPM back!
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    [QUOTE]I'm not sure, I may try that route if I have to! <strong>I'm going to try e-mailing the agent today and expressing my distaste for the whole thing,</strong> so we'll see how it goes. P.S. YGPM back!
    Posted by ejheart[/QUOTE]
    i would just tell him that you did not sign anything telling him you would work with him and he shouldn't have blacklisted you like that. 
    That's ridiculous.
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