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Recommendations for 30 min workout?

Hey everyone! This is my first post- I got engaged in Nov '11 and won't be getting married until July 3, 2013. I feel like my wedding day will take FOREVER to get here!

Anyway, I want to take advantage of the fact that I have lots of time to get in shape. I would only like to lose about 5 pounds, but my main goal is to tone up. My biggest problem area is my stomach- blech.

Can anyone recommend a great workout DVD that only lasts 30 minutes? I know that's a tall order but I work as a teacher full time and am seriously beat by the time I get home :) The tougher the better, as I really want maximum results! 

Thanks in advance!

Re: Recommendations for 30 min workout?

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    30 Day Shred ~ Jillian Michaels

    It's a little bit of a butt kick but it's certainly short enough to be handy when on a tight schedule.
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    I ditto 30 day shred.  It's actually like 27 minutes but a great workout! I even purchased it on amazon instant video to watch on my laptop. 
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    30 day shred. I just started and it is a butt kicker, but should do the trick. Plus its cheap on amazon. Can't beat that!
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    Ripped in 30, also by Jillian Michaels. It is like 30 day shred's bigger and slightly meaner brother. It is about 35 min and according to my heart rate moniter burns about 100 calories more then 30 shred (for me. Everyone is different though)

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