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I've been using myfitnesspal to keep track of what I'm eating, calories burned, etc.  For those that keep track of calories, how hard to do find it to stay within most of the categories (sugar, protein, fat, etc)?  I feel like I'm constantly going over in the sugar category, and I can't figure out why.  I'm sure that I can't be under in all categories, and that some categories are okay to be over.  For instance, I plugged in what I'm planning on eating today for my breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack.  It says my goal sugar is 45g, and with just what I plugged in, I would have consumed 62g of sugar.  I feel what I'm eating is healthy, but not sure what to do about the sugar. 

This is what I plugged in so far for today:

Breakfast - Low Fat Strawberry Fruit & Grain Bar (12g of sugar)
Morning snack - Sugar Free Apple Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal (0g of Sugar)
Lunch - 2 cups Light Beef Pot Roast Progesso Soup (6g of sugar) and an orange (14g of sugar)
Afternoon snack - D'anjou pear (16g of sugar) and Light Fat Free Yoplait Key Lime Yogurt (14g of sugar)

Any advice??
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  • The only one I tend to go over in is the protein, but I'm ok with that since I've been lifting so more protein is good with that.

    As far as going over on the sugar.  From what you put up there, it seems you're eating a lot of processed foods which are going to be much higher in sugar, I'm especially looking at the fruit and grain bar.  I'd probably cut that out and replace it with some fruit and protein.  Even though there is sugar in the fruit, it's a natural sugar, which is better than the processed.  Plus, those cereal bars don't tend to have much nutritional value.
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  • I also tend to go over the sugar. My goal is 56 grams. I figured it out by only putting in one food and then going to check the daily totals for that one thing. I eat a small fruit cup every day for a snack or with lunch, usually peaches or oranges. They are only 50 calories. But I found if I eat one of those and anything else that has sugar in it (coffee creamer, yogurt, more fruit), I'm over the sugar limit. I do the best I can, but I usually go over my a few grams.
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  • The only categories I really care if I'm over in are calories and fat. I do tend to go a few grams of fat over every once in a while, makes me think I need to eat some lower fat items.
  • I would suggest instead of having fruit for each snack switch it for a vegetable.  Also, your grain bar is pretty high in sugar...I would look for a bar that has 6g or less (pretty sure that's the amount dietians suggest).

    Good luck!
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  • as a PP said, you may want to find something other than the fruit and grain bar to eat. Low fat doesn't necessarily mean that it's good for you in any other way.
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  • I eat alot of fruit and I am constantly over in my sugars. I tend to just concentrate on my calories and fat intake. If my sugar is over i dont mind some much, because I know it came from fruit.
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