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Workout Accountability: Monday

Good Morning Ladies! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Back to work today, ugh. How did everyone do this weekend?

On Saturday I got in 70 minutes of cardio at the gym. I really tried to bump up the intensity to get out of my comfort zone with my work out. Then I lifted for about 30 minutes after. FI and I had my MOH & her BF over for dinner Saturday night. I tried my best to be good but I think I probably ate one too many tortilla chips and had one too many glasses of wine. It's hard to stay on track when everyone around you is eating whatever and how much of whatever they want. On Sunday FI & I took our dog for a walk because it was so nice out, but that was about all the work out I got in for Sunday. I hope everyone has a good Monday (as good as Mondays can be) :)
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Re: Workout Accountability: Monday

  • I'm not seeing the actual starting post, but I'm gonna add mine anyways!

    Saturday was supposed to be gym day but time got away from us and we ended up not going.

    Made up for it yesterday though! Did 40 minutes on the elliptical, 5 minutes on the stairmaster, 10 minutes of weightlifting, then later in the day we went on a half hour walk in a park (SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY!)
  • Saturday I ate my weight in brunch and LOVED it! I was so full for the rest of the day I thought if I even tried to work out I would vom, so I took the day off. I did however, sign up for a 15K so I did some research on training schedules and such.

    Sunday it was beautiful weather and I ran 5 miles by the canal! So so nice!! Today I have to work late, but I think I'll try to do 3 miles, or stop at the gym on the way home for some elliptical fun.

    Hope everyone had a nice weekend and was able to get some fresh air!!
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    The knot - wtf! Were is my original post?? Sometimes this site irks me....ugh... I guess. Saturday I spent about 70 mins doing cardio at the gym, really trying to bump up the intensity to get out of my comfort zone. Then I did about 30 mins of lifting. We had friends over for dinner Sat night and I did not do so great. I find it hard to not eat when I see everyone else doing it.

    Sunday FI & I took our dog for a walk, but that was about the only working out that I did.

    Now I'm sure that I put this in here my original post will show up.
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  • Morning!

    I ended up taking off Saturday and Sunday (such a slacker!).  We ate pretty badly this weekend so went for a run on Sunday.

    Today I'm trying to convince myself to get to weights and cardio, but the weather is SO NICE.  I think I'm going to switch entirely to morning workouts this week because the weather in the afternoon is just becoming too nice to miss.
  • Good morning!

    Just finished a three hour administration of our state standardized testing. We now have our lunch break and then meetings all afternoon. Thrilling.

    This weekend was great! I did No More Trouble Zones by JM on Friday. I took Saturday off since we had our tasting. Yay! It was awesome. Yesterday I started Week four of C25K. Tonight I'll be doing a JM DVD and maybe some treadmill. We'll see.

    Hope you're all having a great day and enjoying the weather, if applicable. :-)
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    On Saturday my fiance and I took the dogs for a long hike.  According to my HR monitor I burned about 900 calories during, and my butt was sore the next day, so it was a great way to get some exercise!

    On Sunday I lifted shoulders & biceps, and took an hour spin class.  

    This morning (I work out first thing in the morning or else I won't do it), I just lifted chest & triceps and took a cardio break.  

    We went to a party Friday night and though I ate a lot of yummy (=bad!) food, I did manage to steer clear of the booze, so I consider that a success!  Especially since there were yummy St. Patty's day-themed drinks.  I was pretty good the rest of the weekend.  

    The weather here is beautiful - I can't wait to go outside and enjoy it!  
  • Hey everyone!

    Let's see... Friday I did a 4.5 mile hill workout, Saturday was a rest day (Fi and I got our wedding bands!) Sunday was gorgeous but I was on track to lift and do the elliptical.  

    Good news is today is also beautiful and thanks to daylight savings, I'll finally be able to run outside after work.  

    I've been doing really well with my workouts, but the last week I slacked on my diet.  I definitely need to get my focus back on healthy eating. 
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  • I was a total slacker this weekend.  I was supposed to run 10 miles Saturday... well that ended up being about 5.4 miles :(  I ate badly, drank too much, ate some more, and basically just misbehaved in general.  Meh, chalk it up to poor impulse control or just being tired of training, or I let the fact that my marathon is this weekend kind of psych me out. 

    It's a new week & I have to keep it together until Sunday.  I will run after work today & tomorrow.  Only 3 miles each, so it should feel like a piece of cake.  Speaking of cake, I gotta lay off it at least until after my race.  We'll see how that goes!
  • I went to the gym for the first time today in over a month. I just feel good that I got up and went. I'm planning to do a little Just Dance on the wii later this afternoon.
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  • This weekend we were out of town Friday night and Saturday during the day for my sister's birthday - food choices were terrible. Absolutely terrible. We went to the gym Saturday early evening where I did day 2 of week 5 for C25K - in which I jogged 8 minutes straight - that's a lifetime record for me right there; and then tried out 30DS for the first time with my FMIL. Holy Hannah that was hard work!

    Did 30DS again last night (this time we got FFIL and FI in on the workout too) and boy that hurt. Those push ups are going to be the death of me - but feeling the burn is nice because at least I know it's doing something!

    On a sad note, the scale didn't move at ALL in the past week and a half. I am feeling down about it, because up until this point I have been consistently losing 2 lbs per week. I suppose it couldn't have lasted forever, but I thought it would for a while more, I'm no where near my goal weight of 150 (currently at 194). I haven't been bad with my eating (1450 calories per day) except for this weekend that just passed and I have been working out at least every second day for an hour at a time. Just frustrated. We'll see what happens next week I guess! *Whining complete*
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  • Sarah - I know that frustrating feeling! It's awful! It's really hard to keep going. Keep up the good work and you will see results!
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  • I'm new to getting in shape, but I figured I'd post anyway. I just started doing 30 Day Shred (second day). That first set of cardio is hard, but the next few aren't bad at all. Yesterday, it was gorgeous out, so my fiance and I walked to the science center, walked around there for a while, then walked by the river. We probably walked about 5-6 miles. It rained today, so I just did the dvd today. Tomorrow it's supposed to be nice, so I'll extend my walk home from school by a couple of miles.
  • I went to the gym 4x last week.  This weekend I didn't hit the gym, but did a 2 mile walking DVD on Sat. Sunday I found my dress :)  Today I was back at it at 6am!  A full hour of cardio and burned at least 400 cal.  yey!
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  • weekend: Fri I only did 10 min of a JM video - I was too distracted with a bridesmaid dress fiasco and opted for wine instead! (two of the dresses were ordered in the wrong size, one can be fixed the other has to be reordered and might not be here in time UGH)
    Sat: JM 6 week 6 pack
    Sun: took the dog for a 30min walk
    didn't eat too bad on the weekend (majority of healthy meals) and not as much wine as I normally drink
    today: 5k run at lunch and JM Yoga meltdown this evening
  • Happy Monday!

    Well I squeezed in a cardio session Saturday morning and yesterday and today I have quite literally been chained to my desk writing. I just submitted my final draft of my doctoral dissertation to my committee. I will now start working on preparing my presentation for next week. So no workouts to report the past two days.

    However, I am so excited about the fact that, now I'm done with the bulk of the writing, I can now get back to my regularly scheduled workout program. :-) I'm looking forward to Bikram in the am and swimming in the pm.

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  • Do you guys normally take the weekend off from posting? I did a Saturday one because I was so proud of going for a run! Still trying to get into the swing of you ladies! I came home from work last night and did JM 30 day shred. I did it two years ago when I started losing weight. I kept telling myself it's nothing compared to the Insanity so I really pushed myself. We woke up on time today and are going for a run in the neighborhood.
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