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FI said noone can see our vows before the wedding day....

but none of you will ever tell him.  With the help of many kleenex I just wrote the first draft.  Really need your honest opinion as I cannot go to my normal family and friends for help.  Thanks!!

Jason Neil Judkins, today as we stand here before our family and friends I officially choose you to be my husband, by best friend, my faithful partner, and my love from this day forward.  Together we will be better than we could be alone. You help fill my life with such joy, support, and love, and I will never take that for granted.   As your partner, I choose to live with you and laugh with you, to always stand by your side, to rejoice with you in times of happiness and cry with you in times of sorrow.  I promise to always inspire the best in you, applauding your successes, nurturing your strengths, believing in your dreams, and working with you to make them come true.  I promise we will continue to share new interests and adventures together, and I will also allow you the freedom to develop as an individual as well.  I promise that my faith in us, and my love for you, will not be shaken by occasional feelings of hurt or anger, and we will use those experiences as opportunities to learn and grow closer.  I commit to always listening to you and having open and honest communication, and treating you as the equal member of this partnership that you are.  I promise to make all my words and actions work toward our lifelong common goal to become “that cute old couple”.   Like a good bottle of Cabernet, I promise our love will continue to get better with age.   I love you.
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Re: FI said noone can see our vows before the wedding day....

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