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Ceremony and Vow Ideas

Atheist vows?

I was wondering if any of you ladies are having non-religious ceremonies? I don't know what to say!
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Re: Atheist vows?

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    one word : Google.
    tons and tons of ideas!
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    We are having a secular ceremony and writing our own vows.  I am also officiating a friend's ceremony in June, also secular.  I am looking all over for stuff, particularly in some great threads under the "Vows" topic on Indiebride:

    I also found this and might poach a line or concept from it as well:
  • kissamarykissamary member
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    Another post proving we need an Alternative Religions board :)

    We are having an Atheist wedding, and I found myself liking a lot of the ideas off this website:

    I am going to mix and match aspects of them and then add in some poetry and other literature excerpts for the readings.  We had a tall order because I want to walk myself down the aisle, we don't want to write or say our own vows (just say "I Do"), and we wanted it to have no religious aspects... phew
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    We are having a non-religious ceremony. I got a lot of ideas from random websites by googling.  I customized my entire ceremony by cutting pieces that I liked from several sources. It was acually pretty easy to find non-religious readings and stuff.
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    I'm also contemplating how exactly to put together our ceremony because neither of us wants a completely religious or traditional (or long) ceremony. I'm agnostic (leaning more towards the atheist side) and he believes in God, but not in religious institutions so much, even though his dad is a youth pastor. We are actually including one Bible verse in the ceremony, but it doesn't actually pertain to God or religion, it's simply a piece about love from Song of Solomon. We are also planning to include a poem and/or some kind of beautiful quote or literature excerpt, and to write our own non-religious vows. 
    I plan to write simply about the binding nature of true love, the intertwining of hearts and souls, and the winding path we will encounter and the life we will embrace together as a unit under the institution of love and trust. I don't at all believe that wedding vows need to be religiously influenced - they are simply a public statement and testament of your solemn promise to trust, endure, and stay true to each other out of love. Don't try to make it complicated or flowery - just make it sound like how you really feel.
    Best wishes. :)
  • megs983megs983 member
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    Atheists.org has links for wedding vows and weddings.

    My fiance and I are both atheists so I'm trying to piece together ideas from internet searches along with weddings I've been to in the past.
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    I think 'alternative' is a bit insulting... as if Christianity is somehow the default setting? Maybe 'religion and weddings' would be a good category, just so that anyone who really wants to incorporate their religion into their ceremony could talk about it there.
  • kissamarykissamary member
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    eh, I just saw it as an alternative to Chriistian, Jewish and Muslim board, so it really would be an alternative.  it couldn't be called "The Right Religion Board"
  • Snowedin414Snowedin414 member
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    In addition to the more obvious already mentioned atheist sources, you could also look at buddhist vows (I like these so far http://www.fpmt.org/teachers/zopa/advice/pdf/weddingceremonyeditedkm.pdf) , eastern religions vows and basically any religion that views marriage as a contract between 2 people and not "2 people and deity of choice." If there's something you like that happens to have some religious aspect don't be afraid to take it out or change it. That's the beauty of writing your own ceremony you aren't stuck with what religious body thinks is appropriate.
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    We aren't religious but my mother is a minister and marrying us. She said she is required to say god once, but after that, it's up to us! 

    We found some quirky vows online by googling "funny wedding vows" or something like that.
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