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Who marries you?

I was not sure where to write this.

I wanted to know who marries you?  We are not a religious couple, we are spiritual.  We will be getting married outdoors, probably the beach but who can marry you? Is it always a priest? Does it have to be a priest?

I feel like I am having a hard time getting some form of answer on this. Thank you.

Re: Who marries you?

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    You do not need to have a clergy marry you, however your officiant must legally be able to marry someone inyour state/province/country.    A justice of the peace, a civil officiant or religious leader can do it.  Here there are many ads for licenced officiants who can do civil ceremonies.... I'm sure they are there when you live too.
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    Thank you! 
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    My best friend actually "got ordained online" and married us.  It's not legally accepted in all areas, so if you do go this route, check all the local rules first.
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    Our friend just got ordained online to marry us.  He still needs to register with the state, I think, but then we should be good to go.  As long as they're registered and ordained, they can perform the marriage. 

    I also heard the ship captains can perform a marriage and it's perfectly valid.  Is this just an old wives' tale carried over from the olden days, or is there some truth to it?  Anybody know?
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    You definitely don't have to get married by a priest.  Check out the requirements of the state you want to be married in.  They should be able to clear up who can marry you and what they need to be regestered as.

    My FI and I are going to be married by my aunt, who is a JP in New Hampshire.  VT requires you to be registered by the state, so we are paying a small fee for her to become a temporary officiant for our ceremony.

    And Emily, I LOVE the idea that ships captains can perform marriages.  No idea if it's true, but I kinda hope so!
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    Each State is different. I live in Colorado and you and your fiance can marry yourselves. Or you could just have a witness sign the documents.  Check out your state's requirements.
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