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My FI and I are not religious, and I was just wondering if anyone had ever been to a non-faith-based ceremony.  What was it like?
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    It's just basically the vows and something about the institution of marriage.  There's no praying or mention of God/Jesus.  The ceremony is pretty short. 
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    I have some non-religous Ceremony Text in my Bio that I got from thesun on here.  I changed it up quite a bit and am still working on it but it might give you a good idea at least.
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    We are having a non religious ceremony.  There isn't much to it, but you are allowed to add to it as much as you want as long as God/Jebus isn't spoken or sung about in any way. Here is the list that my Officiant gave me:



    Call to order/opening remarks


    Ring exchange



    Closing remarks


    You are allowed to add in a solo or reading in certain parts, I don't remember where. The signing of the marriage certificate is between the the Ring Exchange and Pronouncement.  



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    My BFF had a non-religious ceremony. It was only about 10 minutes & they just did the basics. No mention of Jesus, no prayers, no songs, no readings. Just vows, kiss the bride, & you're done.

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    ours will be non religious and it will pretty much follow the course of what simplebride_24 wrote but with one reading in there :)
    15 mins tops short, sweet, to the point
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    A friend of mine recently did  a non religious ceremony...it ended up being about 20 mins long. They basically had the officiant talk about love and marriage and family etc. then the couple presented a single rose to each parent, then they had a reading, then they did vows they wrote themselves. So you can pretty much do things however you want, as long as your officiant is willing to do it and knows what's going on!

    It was really nice because it was very much about the couple and the coming together of their families. They also worked in the story of how they met, so it was really sweet. I think the officiant was a friend of theirs as well, so I'm sure that helped.
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    Ours will be non religious....but it won't just be a quickie vow-rings-kiss-done deal. Our ceremony will have several readings, just not from scripture. There are a few paragraphs/poems about marriage and love we are having our minister read, in addition to a candle or wine ceremony. We havent' decided on that part yet. The whole thing will take about 20 to 25 minutes or so. You can have your ceremony be as long or as short as you want. A nonreligious ceremony doesn't have to be short and bland. It just isn't religious. There are many readings about love and marriage you can incorporate. Just Google it! lol
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    I was wondering the same thing..:) im from a baptist fam marrying into a mormon one sooooo were just doing the NON religious thing..lol cant make em all happy..

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