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we have written our vows and I'mh not sure how to get them when its time to say them. should i ask the officant to hold them, hold them in one hand and his hand with the other, ask the officant to carry them??? any words of wisdom? 

Re: ideas?

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    We had ours written on cards which the officiant carried in her book.  When it came time for DH to read his vows, she handed him his card.  When he was done, he handed it back to her.  And then the same for me.  Easy peasy.
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    Our best man held onto mine for me...then just passed them over when it time :)   The officiant is another good option.

    And yes, I held onto the paper with one hand, and his with the other... although I think I held onto his hands with both of my hands for most of it (just had the paper sticking up a bit so I could still read it)
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