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since my fiance and i wont be having much (financial) help from either of our families i need to really watch my budget when the wedding planning starts. After many unsuccessful discussions with my fiance, we still did not set a date!
He tells me this year, yet when i started my guest list and showed him the possible number (80), he is now telling me that he doesnt want to talk about it coz he has enough i told him then we gona have to wait till 2013... but when?

what to do? i really need to have a date set so i can start saving.. yet i dont want to pressure him..

Re: Planning? & Concerned

  • Is his job really stressful?  If it's a busy time of year for him at work you may want to wait a bit before setting a date.  I know when my fiance proposed to me I couldnt even think of starting to plan because my job was crazy and I had a lot going on with outside commitments.  Maybe before you talk to him about the numbers or the budget you can figure out what you can offer to the wedding.  That is what we did, we arent expecting help with our wedding either so we sat down one night and said this is what i have, what do you have, ok we have X what do we want our budget to be?  How long will it take us to save X and go from there.  The date you set has to feel right for both of you.  Hope this helps and best of luck!

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  • Just relax, you know you are going to have a wedding in the near future so start saving now. You dont have to know your exact budget you will set for the wedding to start saving.
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    [QUOTE]Just relax, you know you are going to have a wedding in the near future so start saving now. You dont have to know your exact budget you will set for the wedding to start saving.
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    This. I actually started saving months before the FI even popped the question! Also, it doesn't hurt to start looking through bridal magazines, shows, etc to start getting some ideas. You can even get started on a wedding scrap book. Just be patient with your FI. I'm sure he will get into the swing of things soon! Also, since you are basically paying for everything yourselves, maybe you should look into a 2013 wedding date just to give yourselves enough time to save and plan! Good luck to you and happy planning!
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    We barely have a wedding date (September/October 2013, now dependant on our proposal from the resort), but there's no good reason to not start saving now.  When you set the date, you'll be financially ready to make a deposit and introduce your date to family and friends. 
  • My fiance and I also have to be budget conscious and it took a couple weeks before I could prove to him we do need to talk about wedding stuff now.  

    The greatest advice I've gotten from my newly wed friends is to pick what's important to you.  Maybe have a cocktail reception as opposed to a full meal, or if feeding your guests is important to you have it buffet style.  And DIY! You have so much time to do things yourself and well and you can save hundreds!  If your BM's are as enthousiastic as mine they'll be more than willing to help you with your projects and it can be a really fun excuse to hang out.  Also...go to bridal shows!  Tickets are usually free or very cheap and you can entire many draws to win things like photography, your decorations, etc....I ended up buying my dress at a sample sale a bridal store was having...$1600 dress for $500  best steal I've ever found!

    Weddings (like everything in North America) are a profit geared industry...and they're so successful because they pry on your emotions.  Stay above "the norm" and stay true to what you value in your wedding day and you will find a way.  Good luck!
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