September 2013 Weddings

Accomplishments to date

What have you already accomplished aka crossed off your wedding checklist so far?

So far FI and I have:
Our date (9/21/2013)
A wedding planner
Chosen our colors (red, black, white and bling)
Set up a wedding fund bank account
Found my dress
Chosen our ceremony site
Chosen our reception venue
Chosen our photographer

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Re: Accomplishments to date

  • - Booked planner
    - Chosen date
    - Chosen ceremony site (no deposit, just $50 permit fee as the date gets closer)
    - Kinda sorta chosen colors (I see things that look together but keep coming back to my original vision)
    - Savings up, running and getting a little padded :)
    - Purchased a few DIY supplies on mega-sale

    I'll get a lot more accomplished during the summer since the everything will be at the beach.  I want to see things in full swing before I finalize too much more.
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  • Hello Ladies

    We have our date: Sunday 09/22/13
    We booked our venue (same place for both)
    We have our caterer, photographer and planner.
    Our colors are black, white, grey with some pops of red.

    I have started picking up random things here and there especially on etsy. I have our boutineres and some bridesmaids gifts!
    We are meeting with DJ's in 3 weeks so I hope to have that wrapped up soon. I am going to wait until the summer to do hotel blocks and transportation.

    Happy Planning!
  • We have
    Our date (day before you 9/20/13)
    Our reception venue (my parents backyard)
    Our Church
    Our colors (brown and gold for dresses then pops of all the oranges and reds and golden yellows from fall for flowers/decorations)

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  • We have:
    - A date: September 1, 2013
    - Deposit down on venue
    - A church (no deposit yet)
    - Colors (navy blue dresses with sunflower arrangements)
    - A DJ
    - A photographer
    - A list of DIY projects to complete in a year & a half..
    - I made a ring bearer pillow!!! :)

    Happy planning!
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  • Love all the planning ahead to keep the stress low! Have: Date-9/6/13 Ceremony/reception venue-one place and includes food and day of coordinator. On a monthly payment plan Savings/wedding fund set up and contributing Colors-coral and navy Cake topper (found one we love and with amazon gift card was free) Invitations-sitting in a corner ready to be printed next year. They were 50% off at Michaels and we had a coupon. I couldn't resist. Gym membership and trainer-getting in groom and bride shape! Good luck!!
  • Date: 9/14/2013
    Colors: Sunbeam Yellow & Cornflower Blue
    Invitations in processing. Just have to do my pocketfolds.
    Reception Boooked and half pad. Cake included. Will meet with the Bakery a few weeks before the wedding.
    Ceremony Boooked(At our church)
    Flowers are ordered, paid and should arrive by mid march.
    Weddign Favors are in process.
    Bridal party gifts for women are purchased. Fiance still can't decide what to do for the men.
    Almost all the decorations are bought. I am just working on getting my supplies for the DIY projects.
    We still need to book our honeymoon, Have to wait until January 2013 to get the schedules around our wedding date.
    Trying to decide on a signature drink in our colors for the reception.

    Congrats and good luck to you all!!!!
    Shannon Jackson
    "Destiny Fulfilled"!!!!

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  • Photographer is booked and making monthly payment.
    Waiting until summer of 2013 to get bridesmaids dresses and tux rentals.
    I already purchased my mothers dress.
    Stillhave to purchase my grandmother's dress
    Shannon Jackson
    "Destiny Fulfilled"!!!!

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  • Wow some of you ladies are working on your invitations already..I saw some that I REALLY like but I'm scared to order them just in case the unexpectant happens and we have to change something that is on our invitations...they have to be preprinted I can't order the blank stock and print the wording on them myself...believe me I asked.... I'm crossing my fingers that they will still be in available next year
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  • Wow I am impressed with what everyone has done so far !

    We have:
    • date (09/07/13)
    • colors (navy, kiwi green, yellow)
    • church and priest booked
    • reception location picked out, not booked
    • photographer booked
    • caterer picked out and quote recieved, will book in March
    • tablecloths and napkins purchased (awesome sale!)
    • purchased empty wine bottles for centerpieces
    • all tuxes were picked out
    • wedding party is decided
    • honeymoon is decided
    • flowers are picked out, florist not booked though
    • shoes and jewelry bought, kinda backwards on that one :)
    • table and chair rentals quoted
    • all DIY projects planned out so I do not get overwhelmed with time!
    And I think thats it :) 

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  • We have:

    An online saving and checking account for the wedding fund, with checks on the way.
    Our ceremony site and reception site are booked and deposits paid.
    Photographer booked, deposit waiting on her getting back from vacation.
    I found my dress.
    His tux is decided on.
    Colors are chosen (Blue, yellow, red).
    We bought my wedding ring (it's a matching set, but FI didn't buy them together). We're waiting on his until closer to the wedding because the kind he wants can't be resized.
    Honeymoon is decided on and the cruise part is booked.
    I got a bunch of silk roses for a steal on Black Friday so flowers are half bought, but hey didn't have any yellow roses.
    Wedding party is decided on, but we're waiting until closer to ask people.
    We bought print them yourself invitations for 50% off.
    Favors are decided on. Nothing big and fancy, just matchboxes. But they fit in our very small budget.

    And I think that's it. Our big thing is still to find a DJ. I just have no idea where to start with that one.
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  • I love shopping at Michaels!! I think we all will be spending plenty of time there in the upcoming months. 
  • As of right now:

    - saving account up and running

    - chosen ceremony site

    -chosen reception site

    -narrowed down the colors we want

    Seems like i am a little behind compared to everyone LOL, we don't want to start buying anything for the wedding yet until the end of this year. We just want to make sure something unexpected doesn't happen between then. However, once 2013 hits, it's going to be full swing ahead =D

  • Wow, I'm impressed with how much everyone has gotten done so far! We have: -Our Date (9/20/13) -Hashed out the gritty details of the budget -Savigs account up and running with some $ saved already (not much) -Estimated the probable guest list and potential Wedding party -Booked our venue and ceremony site (it's at the same place) -Booking our caterer on Friday! -I've browsed vistaprint for save the dates and invites but I'm nervous to order yet because I can't decide if I want to print them myself yet or not. -I've also started looking online at dresses that I like, again haven't actually gone to try anything on yet. I'm hoping to get as much as possible done over the summer when I'm not in school so I will have a ton more time to devote to the wedding. Kokokid, we have the same date :)
  • You guys are great!!! People tell me that i'm crazy for planning so early (wedding date 09/01/2013).  I love you guys for not making me feel like I'm crazy!
    Every month we have a vendor to book/research...So far I have

    Reception venue

    This month is Videographer time! wish me luck...
  • Date
    Chosen, and asked Bridal Part
    Reception Venue
    & Some things for our bathroom baskets

    I love planning and getting prepaired so early!!!
    • Date - 9/21/13
    • Church
    • Reception venue
    • Photographer
    • DJ
    • Videographer
    • Colors
    • Vision for room decor
    • Savings account
    • Dress
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