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Definitely did not want the weekend to end. What's on the docket for this week?
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  • I think we are on a wedding hiatus now until the new year. There is nothing more really to do for the next couple months.

    This week I'll just be relaxing before the rush of Christmas kicks in!
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  • Definitely not looking forward to this busy work week! My goal this week is to finalize our guest list, book the tents, tables, chairs, etc, and hopefully get our epics that we took over 3 weeks ago!!! Busy week and I'm aleady exhausted thinking about it! :
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  • So much turkey...  So good though!

    This week we're taking another shot at our guest list.  Our reception is on a harbor cruise and we checked with all our VIPs before we booked.  Didn't think we'd have a problem.  My FMIL informed me this week that she had a number of her VIPs tell her they will not attend because they won't go out on the water.  And some relatives from the other side of the country called and want to be invited.  So they have to go over their list again this week and get back to us.  We're hammering down the final guest list ASAP though so we can start addressing the Save the Dates.

    We're also working on getting our hotel stuff all set.  We have to make a website for online reservations, so that's the plan for Saturday.  And getting contact info for our bridal party so we can send out an email with hotel information in case they want to book early (we only have so many rooms set aside and we'd rather our bridal party get first crack at them).

    It's going to be a busy week but I'd rather get a bunch of stuff done now so we can enjoy the holiday season without worrying about anything wedding related!
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    [QUOTE]Definitely did not want the weekend to end. What's on the docket for this week?
    Posted by mpickl[/QUOTE]

    We had such a nice extended break, I definately did not want to come back to work today either!!!! I caved and put up the Christmas tree and half the outdoor decorations- I guess it was the cold weather, snow, and the hustle and bustle of the Black Friday shoppers that got the best of me!

    This week will be pretty quiet for me as FI is traveling for work tues-fri. Thursday is his bday and of course, he will be gone for it :( . That just gives me more time to get together something really special for when he comes home :)
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  • I miss the long weekend already :(

    I dragged FI out Black Friday shopping (only to Michael's, and only as a place holder lol).  He made lots of guy friends in the line, as just about every attached female in my area brought their men along for the ride, and they all waited in the crazy long line while we shopped.  We were back home by 9, and I had him put up the outside lights while I handled the inside.  I love Christmas :)

    This week I'm sitting on FI until he gives up his definite guest list, and I mailed the deposit check for chairs this morning.  I'm communicating with the cake lady as we speak, and calling florists at lunchtime.  After that, I'm breaking for the month of December because we're ahead of schedule as it.
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  • I went ahead and put up the tree and a lot of the decorations yesterday.  Now I just have to wait for the save the dates to arrive so I can begin addressing them :)  Also gotta get a head start on the Christmas cards so I can get the couple of addresses we're still lacking.
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    Turkey weekend was a blast here as well :) My FI got full marks on his exam on Thursday so we really enjoyed a delayed Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday.

    This week I really want to get the invitations sendt out, but my brother still didn't finish our monogram and I really don't want to bug him too much about it as he is just doing it as a favor to be nice... Hope he can get it done this week though.
    Also would like to get the photographer and band booked this week, but I am still waiting for their email replies... Still frustrated that it takes people so long to reply to emails. Hope we can get some of the stuff done at least :)

    Think I have to celebrate a bit too this week, I got a new job! Starting from 28th of December I will be starting to work as a surgical resident, exciting times.
  • The only thing I have planned this week is trying to not stab myself in the eyeball with a fork.  I hate coming back to work after a holiday or vacation.  It's torture!  Back to the grind of working 12 hours a day.  Sigh. 

    I am also taking a break from all things wedding related until after 1/1/13.  I just want to enjoy the holidays. 
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  • I'm glad it's the holidays, it does provide a nice break from wedding planning! I'm hoping to my put my tree up today.  I love Christmas :)
  • Had a great 5 day weekend, until the FI got super sick on Friday night.  I was definitely not ready to go back to work today, but I got up and truged through the day. 

    I got postage for our holiday cards and STDs today.  That is honestly the biggest price shocker.  Even though I have buggeted for the expense, it is amazing just how much I will spend on postage by the time everything is said and done; STDs, Bridal Shower thank yous, Invites, Reply envelopes, Thank you cards.  I am looking at roughly $225 in postage!

    Plan for the rest of the week: Finish addressing the STDs, finish flowers, find frames for reserved signs for the reception.  Maybe trying to tackle the limo situation.
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