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Hello to all my September wedding friends! Seeming as we are all looking at similar color schemes for our weddings, I was wondering if anyone has found any really nice bridesmaid dresses that aren't overly expensive that you have really liked yet? Please post any and all links! All colors and styles are welcomed!!

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  • These are a little more on the expensive end, at least to me. They are priced at a little under $300, but they are perfect for our wedding !

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  • I plan on just giving my BMs a color swatch and letting them find a dress in their price range and style.
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    [QUOTE]I plan on just giving my BMs a color swatch and letting them find a dress in their price range and style.
    Posted by deburnin[/QUOTE]

    This is what we are planning on doing as well.

    one dress will never fit everybody the same way, I would rather have my girls feel good about themselves in what they are wearing.
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    I am going to first figure out my dress before I look with my bridesmaids.  I may do a more fitted dress so if I do that then I will suggest that they get a tea length or cocktail length dress.  I am also going to let them pick the dress but give them the designer and material.  That would be my biggest suggestion to you ladies letting your bridesmaids pick.  Otherwise your colors may not match from one designer to the other. 
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  • I'm letting my girls set the monetary tone for the dresses, then letting them loose with color and designer. We're all very close though (2 FSILs and little sister) so I'm pretty sure it will be a group shopping event :)
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  • My sister is a seamstress so I am thinking of having her measure, cut and sew a dress for each of my bridemaids. I just want it super simple, tea length, A-line dress. This will help keep our cost down as well.  
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