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September 2013 Weddings

Just The Thought Of Planning a Wedding Is Overwhelming!

So I decided to start looking at some venues online today and OMG it is so overwhelming to even start thinking about the planning that has to go into this!

I havent put much thought into planning yet at all so looking at venues today has scared the poop out of me! Everything is so expensive and I dont understand what half of the stuff means on the websites, Just trying to add up all the costs for these venues is intimidating!

I am scared ladies!!

Re: Just The Thought Of Planning a Wedding Is Overwhelming!

  • Have you already booked your Venue? When did you start looking? How did you go about it? Did you figure out your budget then go see a bunch of places that fell into that budget and your style?

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    I know exactly what you mean! I started looking at venues  about 2 weeks after the engagement. I was very overwhelmed, luckily I found this wonderful website (the knot) and the ladies have been a tremendous help! The first thing I did (after getting over the initial shock of the prices!) was figure out a budget. My FI and I sat down and went over every little thing until we finally came up with a good budget. The next thing we did was put together a "rough draft" of our guest list so we had some idea of how many people we wanted to invite. Then I jumped back in and started looking at venues again. As Yaga stated, some sites will list prices and others want you to sign up or contact them. Once I had a better idea what the budget was, I was able to rule out  a few places (that had their prices listed). Others, I did request information packets, or contacted and got some figures. I'm now down to about 2 venues that I like and are well within our budget. I've visited the 1st venue (and loved it!) and in the process of scheduling a site tour for the other. So my advice to you is to figure out your budget, doesn't have to be an exact figure but just so you have some idea of what you and/or your family can afford then go from there! Happy Planning :-)
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  • It can get very very overwhelming.. honesly, i have always known where i wanted my reception to be and just kind of built my budget around the place.  Good thing it wasnt outrageously expensive so that was very easy. 

    Just take a deep breath and plan around your budget.  We all get overwhelmed. when i do, i take a step back from the planning and regroup.   I fully agree with pp.  stay in your range.. Also, to cut back on prices i am taking on some DIY projects.  And my wedding co-ordinator is AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC. 
    the ladies on TK have been a great help when i get stuck on something. 

    Since we are pretty much paying for everything ourself, i spent 2011 getting all of my vendors in order and deciding on DIY stuff.. 2012 will be used for paying for the venue and any other big priced item.  and then the little stuff will be paid for by June of 2013.  Get a plan together and stick to it..  bounce ideas off of the ladies here, your family, and your FI. 
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  • I am in the same boat as you.  I recently got engaged.  I have also been looking at venues.  I thought I was going to be october 2012 but everything was aready booked.  So here I am September 2013.  I started to look at prices and immediately ruled out a ton esp. my favorite one. :(   I do still have three great choices. I guess the next step is to go look at them!  I hope it get easier than this haha.  Good luck!
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