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What do you have to brag about this week??
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    I'm going to brag about my MOH. she's amazing! she's bascially like my own personal wedding planner. She calls all the vendors, sends me all of my options, talks things out with me, fills out the paperwork, etc etc. I really could not have asked for a better MOH. I am so incredibly lucky to have her. Is it too early to start thinking about what amazing gift i'm going to get her??? lol
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    That's awsome, jp! I have do jump on the amazing MOH bandwagon -- mine has been so great at organizing the little details. She made a sheet for the photographer with my likes and dislikes, she is frequently sending me ideas for the shower, and she even went so far as to look up the time the sun is setting on my day to consider lighting! Yay for awesome MOHs!!!
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    My SIL to be!  She is not my MOH but she is def on the planning train.  My MOH is out of town, well out of state so it is awesome to have someone who will step up.  She already has stuff picked out for my showers, dress ideas, centerpeice ideas.  She is very crafty so that to comes in handy! 
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    My MOH - my older sister - wrote her speech for my reception the day after i got engaged - she has already planning out the when and where and what we are eating for the shower that wont be until next year AND the favors
    she lives out of state so we have a nightly "wedding conferene call"  ... that's just our joke - we talk about everything but until wedding planning started we talked maybe once a week - it's been fun
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    My sister/MOH is amazing!  She already knows what she wants to say at our reception, askes me questions about the wedding so I don't have to ackwardly bring it up, and generally has my back.

    When we went to try on gowns, she's the one who found "the dress" and the belt that really made it the perfect dress for me!
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