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Questions to ask when booking a venue.

FI and I think we have found our venue, we are going to do a food tasting where we will get a tour and be shown all the decor they have available. What questions should we be asking before we book anything? I have made a starter list and was hoping you could tell me if I left anything out.

Questions to ask



  1. Is there a facility director? If so will they be present the day of the wedding?
  2. Is there a certian time we have to be out by?
  3. Is there a service charge?
  4. Parking?
  5. Are there any cleaning costs?
  6. Handicap accommodation?
  7. Brining in an outside cake
  8. Rehearsal
  9. Private rooms available for changing, getting ready?
  10. Wine, corking costs?
  11. Restrictions on bringing in decorations
  12. Dance floor capacity?
  13. Projector for slideshow?
  14. What is the ratio of servers to guests?
  15. What is the cake cutting fee?
  16. Are there any additional charges not mentioned?
  17. Air Conditioning?
  18. Where does the DJ set up
  19. How many seats per table?

Re: Questions to ask when booking a venue.

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