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September 2013 Weddings

9/7/13 barn wedding at The Hill in Hudson, NY


Any brides ever gotten married at The Hill in Hudson, NY? Or are you planning a barn wedding? We are having our ceremony and reception at this location and we have to bring everything on site. We are doing BBQ style food (very laid back)! But still getting dressed up formally. We are also doing this on a budget. Any ideas/advice is greatly appreciated!! Especially from people who have already done this :) Our last and final decisions to make are rentals, florists, decorations and colors... Most of our vendors are hired already.

Re: 9/7/13 barn wedding at The Hill in Hudson, NY

  • I would post on your local board for that specific venue. I do think some of the 9/13 ladies are doing rustic wedding, not sure about the barn tho. Good luck, and welcome!
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  • Hey we are date twins.  I'm getting married in Las Vegas though.  I wish I could offer more help. Good Luck!
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  • In Response to 9/7/13 barn wedding at The Hill in Hudson, NY:
    [QUOTE]Hello! Any brides ever gotten married at The Hill in Hudson, NY? Or are you planning a barn wedding? We are having our ceremony and reception at this location and we have to bring everything on site. We are doing BBQ style food (very laid back)! But still getting dressed up formally. We are also doing this on a budget. Any ideas/advice is greatly appreciated!! Especially from people who have already done this :) Our last and final decisions to make are rentals, florists, decorations and colors... Most of our vendors are hired already.
    Posted by AnnalieseT[/QUOTE]

    I'm also getting married at The Hill, a week before you! We haven't yet nailed down our caterer (let me know who you're having!) but we have our DJ and photographer. Also still trying to figure out the hotel situation since there aren't many options close by. Any advice or things you've already figured out?! Feel free to ask me the same!
  • hi ladies, I am looking into this venue for my wedding in 2014.  Would you mind sharing the cost to rent the Hill? Also do they provide anything - tables, chairs, etc?
  • Hi I am just seeing this now I am so sorry for the delay! I am using Georgia Ray's kitchen as our caterer. We are using the Best Western in West Coxsackie as a hotel to stay at and for our guests.  I would love to chat more and share some ideas!!

  • It was $5,000 to rent the barn and it does not include anything unfortunately.  I am using Columbia Tent Rentals for everything and they are fabulous.  We are trying to do this all on a budget so any tips you ladies need just ask!

  • I am also considering The Hill for our summer 2014 wedding.  Please post any info that you might feel valuable to consider.  I was quoted a price of $7500 plus $10 per person over 100. Thanks in advance for any and all advice!
  • Hello, I was quoted the same for the venue as JanielleZ. It might be because they recently renovated the space and because the event is in peak season (ours is June 2014). 

    I was recommended NOT to rent air conditioning. Any advice from you on whether we need to rent anything to keep the temperature comfortable in the summer inside the big barn?

    Regarding hotels, I highly recommend the Holiday Inn in Coxsackie, NY. They have about 60 rooms and are next door to a Best Western, also with 60 rooms. 

    Very curious to hear about recommended DJ's, lighting, and caterers. Or... how about if anyone is having a Jewish wedding, who built their Chuppa?
  • Hi Annaliese, I have another tip for you! I found this blog post: http://picklesandpiesnyc.blogspot.com/2012/08/hudson-new-york-wedding.html It's from a lady who decorated her friends wedding at The Hill for under $1,000. That includes floral, rugs, plates, etc. Filled with great pics and tips. 
  • Hi ladies!
    I just had my wedding at The Hill (July 2013) and having gone through MANY quirks of that particular venue (Pickles and Pies was my wedding planner, and she knows the venue well--that was a HUGE help) and having brought every single piece of food, ice, silverware and decor in to the place, I am happy to answer any questions you may have. My caterer, planner and I all worked very hard to pull off what became a great wedding, but required some extra stress and planning in terms of wedding insurance, liquor license, workman's comp, etc. The farm manager Lisa is a doll and is also great. We did several walkthroughs in months before our wedding to get the locations of everything down pat. We lucked out and had a beautiful day with the horses wandering in the background, gorgeous sunset, and fantastic food, DJ, and loved ones all around.

    We are so thankful we chose this venue, but I definitely think there are some important facts to know going into your final 3-6 months. I even had a surprise at the Hudson City Clerk's office when we dropped off our marriage license. The Hill's mailing address is in Hudson, but they are technically *in* Livingston--so they had to retype our address on the certificate. If we'd mailed it, it would have been rejected.

    On lodging, I worked very hard on that front before we even chose our wedding weekend for the reason everyone mentions above. Limited lodging in Hudson is tricky. We had a lot of luck with the St. Charles (Ricky the manager is so sweet), the Barlow (new boutique hotel, but costs extra to book for your wedding), and several local Airbnb and Homeaway locations. If you want to see everything we offered, the easiest way is on our wedding website--I personally visited and/or spoke to a lot of these owners and they were all great. Happy wedded bliss and may you all have a gorgeous sunset and party at The Hill!

  • One last note: We heard The Hill was very steamy for another wedding in July, but we lucked out and the heat wave broke the morning of our wedding. It was totally fine with all the big upstairs barn windows open, the ceiling fans going, and the vented roof and industrial fan. That said, my planner and lighting guy were absolutely miserable setting up the day before when it was almost 100, and she was looking for cooling station options. It's not worth it to rent A/C because the temp drops a lot at night, but dinner and dancing could be uncomfortable if you don't have the right amount of fans, ice, and breeze. We handed out fans during the ceremony, and had iced tea and lemonade on a stand right at the entry so people weren't sizzling. There are a lot of nice shaded trees and you can pick the best place to shield your guests for an afternoon ceremony. Good luck!
  • KLOJALA - I LOVE your wedding website!! Thank you so much for all the detailed advice!!  With my wedding being 28 days away things are starting to get crazy!! I would love to see photos from your wedding! 

    SHny132 - I am using Georgia Rays Kitchen from Hudson as my caterer. We are doing laid back BBQ food and Chef Danyell has been AMAZING.  Columbia Tent is taking care of our rentals.  We are not doing A/C because of it being September 7th I am hoping for a cooler day and for $225 per cooling unit it did not seem worth it.  I am using Jimmy Dee Music from White Plains.  My day of coordinator for the day of my wedding is Nicole Wren. As far as lighting goes I got bistro lighting from Columbia Tent and then I have collected tons of ivory LED lights from Michaels with my 40% off coupons over the past 10 months so that should be plenty of light! Plus we rented uplighting for the lower half of the barn through Columbia Tent Rentals.  

    We made all of our centerpieces, programs, invitations, decorations, place cards, signs (etc.) by hand! It has saved us a lot of money.  I am wondering if you were quoted more than me because of the season or if they have raised their prices from last year.

    Klojala - Did Lisa help coordinate on the day of or just leading up to the wedding?  I was only recently introduced to her via email I did not even know she existed. lol Thanks!
  • klojala-- Great website with so much helpful information for guests! My fiance is in charge of the website, so this will make his job a lot easier. :) Can I ask what caterer you used? I'm getting married at The Hill in June 2014!
  • Our wedding is a week after Annaliese T's!  (and we know her and love her!!) We have been working very hard for a long time....putting together all of the details.  We are using Stone Soup Caterers, Columbia Rentals for tables, White Plains Linens, Our band has been put together by a family member who is a professional musician.  We have cut, stained, chopped, sewed....you name it!   We will need 2 trucks to bring all the props that we are bringing. We are very excited and hope for great weather for this very special day for our daughter and her amazing fiance.
  • Hi! We are considering booking at the hill for our ceremony and reception. We loved it when we visited. What was your overall experience. Could you recommend a hotel nearby and did you supply a bus or shuttle for afterwards? Also, what did you do as far as alcohol? We wanted to do a bbq style catering!
  • ---Reply to Keliannemarie24:
    Holiday Inn Express and Best Western each have about 60 rooms each hotel, and are located in Coxsackie, 20 minute drive from the venue. Best Western refused to reserve any room, but HIE has been great. 

    http://firstcharterbus.com/ gave us the best shuttle quote.

    Hickory BBQ is AMAZING. They're handling our food and alcohol.

    ---Question for future The Hill weddings: We'll be getting married late June 2014. How many lights did you past brides get for the barn and from where did you get them? 
    Also, if anyone is getting married in June or July at The Hill, we'd be happy to split the decorations with you. Send a private message if interested.

  • Hi!  I'm also getting married in late June 2014 at the hill and am not sure what to do about lighting.  Is the lighting they have (uplighting in the rafters and the chandeliers) enough or was additional lighting needed?  Would stringing christmas lights myself suffice or is it very dark?  Thank you!!!
  • Question for couples having their marriage ceremony at The Hill in Hudson: Do you have a contingency plan in the event of rain? Does it involve additional rentals? Please share details!

    As of right now, we are planning on having our ceremony outside and the cocktail hour outside with the drinks and food stationed in the smaller "art barn". We'll have tall tables scattered on the property and a few chairs. In the event of rain, we'll just move all of that inside to the left side of the first floor of the barn. But we're debating whether additional rentals such as more decorations, lights or even a tent might be needed in case of rain? 
  • @Angleyes747 (and everyone else!) - congrats on your recent wedding! I'd love to hear what you learned about lighting. I'm getting married at The Hill next fall (2015). We're planning to hang bistro lights, but would you recommend anything more substantial? We are also planning to have our dinner be on the main elevated platform, with dancing on one of the lower sides, and a bar on the other. Has anyone else used this configuration, and how has it worked out?

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