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Poll - How are you paying for your wedding?

Just curious if you and your grooms are paying, parents, or a combination of the above.

I've had friends that did 1/3 1/3 1/3 with them and their parents, some that did just parents of the bride, some that did just parents of the groom etc. 
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Re: Poll - How are you paying for your wedding?

  • We're paying for the majority of it ourselves although our family has contributed some money towards it.  Like my Dad offered to pay the downpayment on the caterer, and my FI's dad gave us a check for $750.  But it's pretty much all us. 
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  • We're going traditional split - POB are paying for about 90% then POG are paying for rehersal and honeymoon etc.
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  • We are paying the majority of it ourselves... our budget quickly grew when we started being realistic about what we want, but we have been very lucky with people contributing where they can.  FI's grandma gave us a $1,000 check for engagement, my parents gave $2,000 the day we went wedding dress shopping as a fun way to start the planning process and said they will give more, but I want to get to where I don't accept any more from them because I feel bad. They definitely are not made of money.  FI's parents said they will contribute what they can after the new year, so we shall see... FI's grandma said she would like to give us our wedding gift early to help pay for the wedding, but I would like to pay for as much as we can by ourselves, so we don't have to take others' advice or suggestions as much!  She keeps asking me if I want the money now or when we get married, but I think it should be her grandson she talks to about this... really awkward to talk about money to people! Money mouth  
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  • We're paying for the whole wedding ourselves with my mother contributing towards my wedding dress and paying for my jewellery. 

    FOG are hosting and paying for the rehersal.
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  • In our case the POB and POG are splitting most of the cost of the wedding 50-50%, because my FI and I are both students this was the only way we could get married so quickly and lukly both sets of parents were happy to help.I think my mom will probably give me my dress separate from that. As I got a job now and will start working in the new year then maybe I will chip in a bit too, that way we can go for slightly more expensive versions of some of the things at least. The honeymoon we are paying for ourselves...
  • my parents are giving us a decent chunk of change but it's not enough to cover everything so FI and i will be shelling out some $$. FI's parents will be paying for the rehearsal dinner and honeymoon.
  • We are paying for the majority of it ourselves.  Fi's family said they will contribute some and pay for the rehearsal dinner.  My mom paid for half my wedding dress and said she would pay for alterations.  My parents are still trying to get their financial affairs in order from their divorce so I didn't anticipate anything from them.  I was very grateful that my mom offered to pay for part of my dress! It is my dream dress :)
  • My parents are paying for 2/3, we are paying for 1/3. FI's mom offered us some money, but not until closer to the wedding -- will probablly cover about half of the honeymoon, since we're getting it later.
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  • We are covering about 95% of it ourselves.  There is talk of FI's parents coming through with some money (but I'm pretending that wasn't discussed so in case it doesn't I stay on our saving money plan) and my dad will prob contribute a grand or two but things are really tight for him after my mom passed :(

    We are both fine with covering most of it!  It ended up kinda working out in our favor because we bought our house last September so our credit scores sky rocketed so we were both able to get pretty hefty credit card balances.  I got a cash back and he got an airline miles so we will use the "rewards" towards the wedding as well.  I put the photographer deposit on mine and got $125.00 visa card back! i bought my braclet with it :)  Since we own already, the cash presents we recieve will go directly to the credit cards.  We lucked out with FI's dad being an attorney and having many financial friends haha, so we were ensured this was a good way to do it.  All and all, we will prob each charge about 5k each and then pay it right off.

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  • My parents are paying for the wedding and FI's parents are hosting the RD and FMIL has requested to pay for my bridal accessories.

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  • My parents are paying for the reception.  Our package includes the venue, catering, and all that fun stuff per person.

    My FI's parents are paying for the open bar and the rehersal dinner.

    FI and I are paying for everything else.  So the photographer, videographer, DJ, church fees (and required Pre-Cana), invitations, flowers, decorations, attire, etc. are all on us.  And the honeymoon.  In the end, we'll probably pay about as much as my parents.

    It's interesting.  My dad assumed he was paying for everything.  My FI and I assumed we were paying for everything.  We never really sat down to talk about it because I figured they'd just offer if they wanted to pay for anything.  My parents started making a few demands and were shocked when I said "Well, FI and I can't really afford that".  My dad's response was to laugh in my face because naturally he was paying for the wedding.  In the end, we told him he could pay for the reception and I think it was really important to him.  He still thinks he's paying for everything else, but my FI and I just make our plans and put down the deposits and don't bring it up.  I think at this point he's figured it out.
  • My parents are divorced but they are paying for 150 people for my wedding any extras are up to us to cover and then all of the other stuff like dj flowers, photographer.
  • So far just us. FI's mom said she wanted to contribute some money each month when we first got engaged, but it hasn't happened and neither of us are expecting it.

    I have gotten a little few things as gifts. My gramma bought us a cardbox and cake serving set. My gramma's also said that she wants to buy us floating lanterns to release after our reception. FI asked for the limo for xmas (but if he doesn't get it we booked one that we can afford to pay on our own). I also asked for the wedding cake topper we really want for xmas.

    Is it weird to put wedding items on one's Christmas list? lol
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  • My parents gave me a set amount of money, but because I tend to be a daddy's girl- they have added extras in there. So basically my parents are paying for the majority. FI's mom is paying for the RD and the bar. We are paying for the photographer, florist, DJ, ceremony space, chair covers, decor, my dress,  and our honeymoon. 

    I feel bad though because I am one of 3 girls in my family. My older sister is 11 years older than my twin sister and I and she got married 10 years ago so my parents have had time to save again for my wedding. My mom keeps offering to pay for this or that and I feel like she is so excited that she keeps forgetting my twin sister will most likely be engaged soon (she lives with her bf and they have been together for 5 years-only a matter of time) and I want my parents to be able to pay as much for her as they do for me.

    Saying "No" is just hard when you know you need it LOL 

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  •  Fiance and I are paying for almost everything ourselves, and I feel great about that.we are pretty well established (good jobs, home, etc). 

     My mom asked what she can do to help, they are paying for the dress, rehearsal dinner, and hair/makeup

      My sister is AMAZING and is paying for our honeymoon

      Fiance's family is from a more modest background, and are all out of state. All we want them to do is get to Chicago for the wedding. (which I understand is still a lot to ask)
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  • FI and I are paying for everything ourselves. We're even completely hosting my parents for the weekend. It was important for us to pay on our own so that we could make all decisions.
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  • We are paying for everything except for the bar.
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  • I'm an older first-time bride (48) and fiance has been married before, so we're paying for everything ourselves. But his parents have offered us a free hotel stay for our honeymoon for a week, with some travel points they've racked up at a group of resorts. Thrilled about that! So far, no offer of contributions from my mom or dad. :(
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