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Confused on colors.. :/

Hello fellow September brides! Im new to this site. We just got engaged the first part of january and i'm already stressing on planning. I'm a terrible planner so i stress out very easily and quickly along with the fact that i'm terrible at making decisions. But nobody really wants to help me make decisions when i ask. They do the whole "It's your wedding do it how you want". But sometimes i'd REALLY like some advise. Right now i'm stuck on deciding on colors. I always wanted to have a fall wedding. Like dark purples, burnt oranges and like pumpkin and leavey decor at the reception. I think it'd be easy to decorate and probably kinda cheaper. But now i've seen a dark purple, kiwi green and black and i love it! I dont know what to do stuck..any advice PLEASE ?!?!?!?!?!

Re: Confused on colors.. :/

  • my sister in law got married last october and she did a violet purple for her bridesmaids, it was very well done.  I had a hard time with colors too which lead me to brown and gold so I could decorate with the fall colors burgandy, burnt orange, etc.  It really is your day and if you want you could see how it looks on your bridesmaids before going full out into deciding which colors you think are best.  I hope this helps!
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  • Google your colours and look at pics...even try going to see what a decorator may have in your colour options...I know for me, I need to see things ALL set up before I can get an idea of how it all will look!!
    YOUR DAY, YOUR CHOICE!!  Enjoy!!
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  • I LOVE orange!  We've gone back-and-forth a few times between charcoal, deep blue and brown and orange.  Like everyone said, you have time.  Think about it, let yourselves to back-and-forth, look at pictures, etc.  If you think about it, you'll make sure that you have "the right colors" when it's all said and done.
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