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Registry Question

Hey Girls, I know i should probably post this in the Reistery Board but you girls seem to be pretty knowledgable about everything so here it goes...
My FI and I did our registry at Macy's (We live in Northwest Ohio where that is about the only store around to register at other than Kohls, which we do not want to register at because of all the issues I have had buying registry items for friends and family there). We added everything we thought we needed/wanted and ended up with maybe 25 things on it. We have already put together our guest list for the shower and have about 50 people invited (90% of which are family that I am pretty sure will attend). So I am afraid we dont have enough stuff on our registry. We purchased our home last August and when we purchased our kitchen items we purchased exactly what we wanted and have already purchased the big items ourselves that a lot of people put on their registrys (Dyson vacuum, Kitchen Aid mixer, etc.) Any suggestions of what to do to make sure their is plenty on the registry.
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Re: Registry Question

  • What about a China set?

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  • We talked about it but we would never use them. We are not very "fancy" type people. We never have dinner parties or anything. We do have friends over a lot but we are usually grilling out or ordering pizza. So I doubt we would ever use them. We also talked about nice glassware but then realized we would never use that either and i feel like we should register for stuff we would actually use.
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  • Its doesn't all have to be kitchen stuff.

    Not sure what all you added but you can add:

    Proper Silverware

    Everyday Towels, Guest Towels, hand towels
    Sheets Master Bed & Guest Room Sheets


    BBQ or Grill Stuff



    Hmm... that's all I can think of right now.

    I know friends of ours added things to their list that wasn't necessarily for their home. 

    They added a note about GC's to their favorite hobby stores and stuff like that.

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  • We have most of that on there. Would it be tacky to put on the shower invite that Lowe's Gift Cards are welcome since we are recmodeling?
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  • A lot of times people will just give gift cards and cash when they see that the registry is small or everything has been bought off of it.   Do not put it on the invitations (gifts cards welcome or anything) instead just pass the word around via your mom, FMIL, wedding party, etc. 

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  • I wouldn't put anything up about gift cards, but can you register at Lowe's?  If you use I think you can list stuff that you might need from Lowes.

    Is there anything that you have that you'd like to upgrade?  Or get seconds of?  You said you sometimes entertain.  Is there something you could register for that would be nice to have that you could use for entertainment (not China)?
  •  This may be a No No but we were planning to do a small registry (like you we already own a home and have pretty much everything we need) and hope that other people who want to give us gifts will just do cash 
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  • I feel like the people that you invite to your shower will know your situation of having already lived together and having most of what you would need or like. If the registry is small, they will most likely already know to just give cash or giftcards.

    I agree with PP about towels and linens. My FI and I have lived together going on 3 years and have most of what we need, but we can definately use upgrades to things like this.

    Also, if you entertain- do you have barware on your registry. A nice wine opener, chiller, cocktail shaker, wine stops, bottle openers, etc?
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  • I think a PP mentioned this, but what about an online registry for some more "non traditional" things? Also, I know some people have strong opinions on the subject, but doing a registry where people can "fund" certain parts of your honeymoon, renovation, etc could also work.

    We are in a similar boat. There are a few things that we need, but we want to sell our condo and buy a house soon after we get married -- hoping for mostly cash, and I don't care who knows it!
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  • haha if you want to start a debate - ask the etiquette board about honeymoon registries!

    Asking for cash or gift cards or honeymoon spending $ is not proper etiquette.  Just have a small registry - people will get the point.
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  • Definitely not about to start a debate -- I know that the ladies here are a lot less catty than some other boards. And I don't intend to flat-out ask, but I agree with PP that word of mouth is acceptable in these circumstances. 
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  • I also know that on the other boards they will so it is a definate NO NO to do a honeymoon fund type registry...however I truly feel that it is what is acceptable in your circle. In my circle, people know that we have lived together for years and have what we need and some of my friends even suggested a HM registry. My circle doesnt find it offensive in anyway. I guess you have to know your audience.

    PS: We decided against a HM registry and just to do upgrade to the things we already have. If people do not want to purchase the upgrades, they can just give cash or giftcards and that is fine with us.
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  • Thanks for the suggestions, we did put towels, sheets, etc. on the registry and I did add more bar ware as we are in the process of putting an actual bar in our basement. I have never really hard of a honeymoon registry. 90% of the people invited know our situation and I have decided to just add a few things we already have that wouldnt hurt to have another just in case, like a can opener (seems like we go through a new one every month) and random things like that! thanks for your help ladies!
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  • everyone i know that got married this year (5 weddings) did a honeymoon registry. i don't see anything wrong with it! they all used and i think i bought 2 out of the 5 gifts from it. i know the company takes 5% or something but they all found it really helpful to get $$ towards their HM's since they were paying for it themselves.
  • small registry is definitely smart in this case but also you can do an amazon registry and literally put anything and everything on it from camping gear if thats your thing to gift cards from any store- it gives you an option to ad a wishlist icon that you click whenever you are on another website to ad it to your registry.. We put board games on ours- we love to play them but never seem to ever buy any.. anyone who knows you and your situation will be on the up and up im sure. Good luck!
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