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Silk Flowers DIY

Are any of you brides using silk flowers? I am up in the air and I am not a crafty person but if it will save me money, I will do it! I know real flowers are very pricey. My stepmom suggested that I have real flowers for my bouquet and silk for everyone else. Any sugguestions?

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  • I made my own with silk. My total cost wasn't even 50.00 so we saved a lot. This included my bouquet , 3 girls and a toss bouquet. I'm not crafty either but it came out a lot better than I thought it would.
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    The actual one I made
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  • That is great to hear! Where did you get them from? I heard that Michaels or Hobby Lobby have good prices. I am also thinking about making my own pomanders for the aisle.

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    [QUOTE]I made my own with silk. My total cost wasn't even 50.00 so we saved a lot. This included my bouquet , 3 girls and a toss bouquet. I'm not crafty either but it came out a lot better than I thought it would.
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  • I'm doing silk flowers. My bouquet, 4 BM, 6 boutonnieres, and flowers for parents and grandparents, and the flowers for our centerpieces cost just under $100. I tend to be more craftier, but I also believe being crafty is just pretending you know what you're doing until it looks good. lol

    I've only put together the bouquets so far. You can see them here ((clicky)). Michael's was awesome. I got the majority of mine when they were having a 50% off sale. I also got some from JoAnn's with 50-60% off coupons and Hobby Lobby for 50% off.
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  • I'm doing silk.  Micheals had their fall flowers on for 90% off back in October, so I stocked up. (I got flowers that were regular $4.99 for 49 cents!)  They were in my colors as well! I know some people say fresh flowers are nice, but they are so expensive! Check Michael's for sales and use the coupons they have (40% an item or whatever). 

    I found lots of ideas for silk flower bouquets on Pinterest! Some of them look real, you would only tell they were silk close up. 
  • I am doing silks too.  I got my flowers from JoAnn's.  In the end I will have spent around $70 on the flowers and the supplies to assemble them.  This includes my bouquet, a tossing bouquet, 2 bridesmaids, 3 bouts, and the officiant.  Our parents requested that we not put "goofy flowers" on them, so we saved some money there.
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  • My 4 bridesmaids, 4 ushers, 4 parents and 6 grandparents are silks, as well as a few arrangements for the ceremony and toss bouquet. Mine and FI's will be real. For all the centerpieces, my mom and I are making paper flowers, and the groomsmen's bouts will be made out of guitar picks. We're both fairly crafty and love finding a good sale. We were able to get all the silks from Michael's. I think for absolutely everything, I may have spent about $60. Michael's has 50% off sales quite often and they offer coupons occasionally.
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  • I'm doing silk but I'm not crafty enough to make them myself so I'm buying them from and maybe wrapping the stems differently if I don't like theirs. For 6 bouquets, 6 corsages, and 9 boutennieres it's about 250.
  • I'm planning on silk, too. Tehre are some really nice looking pre-made bouquets on I haven't ordered any yet, so I can't personally vouch for the quality, but the reviews tend to be pretty good.
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