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What do you have to AW about this week?
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  • My parents are actually sucking it up and coming to my food tasting tonight - TOGETHER. they've been divorced for over 20 years. i figure it'll either be "AW" or "shoot me in the head right now." I'll let you all know how it goes tomorrow!
  • Soooo.... I was at a bridal show at my venue last sunday and the big prize was a bridesmaids breakfast I didn't win but I saw that the girl who did wasn't there soo I asked the wedding coordinator what they do if the other girl didn't want it and she changed the subject to my FI question about a golf bachelor party.  So yesterday I recieved an email from the wedding coordinator saying that the other girl put a fake phone number down on her ticket and that she picked me as the winner!!!!!!!   As the old saying goes ask and you shall recieve!    Smile
  • I think we found our videographer this week!  I just have to talk my FI into going a little over budget because everyone I've looked into so far in our budget isn't the quality I want.  If I can get that squared away, we'll be *almost* done with our massive plans and we'll just have the minor stuff to work on from here on out!  Whoot whoot!

    Oh, and I kicked a$$ at work this week and got a ton of stuff accomplished!

  • Jessica - I hope everything goes smoothly at your tasting!

    Not much besides that I remembered FBIL's birthday is today before FI did lol.  And my house is spotless now that FI is working overnights (no restless man-hands moving things after I go to bed, and he's too tired to do anything besides sleep during the day).  But I miss him, so I'd rather deal with his mess :(
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  • My photographer just emailed me this morning telling me that she thinks the leaves are finally good enough to do our engagement photos !! Whoo hoo I'm so excited.
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  • Jessica - GOOD LUCK!!  Hopefully all goes smoothly!
    Love - Yay!!  Good thing you spoke up!
    Boston & Christina - Yay on your videographer and e-session (respectively!)

    FI apologised for being 99% MIA in wedding planning and promised as soon as the one year hits he will dive in.  :) He has also been extra mushy and lovey lately, it's really very cute.

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  • GL Jessica!

    Love that is AWESOME! 

    My BFF (she lives about 6 hrs away now) called yesterday just because.  It was so nice to take time and talked.  She told me she really misses me and all.  It was just nice to talk to her. 
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  • I looked into refinancing my home on my lunch hour and it looks like I'm going to be able to save an extra $100/month and I'm already qualified.  Yippee!!  :-) 
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  • I love these threads.  So much good news :-)

  • Tue/Wed - MOH and I went to NY. Walked the brooklyn bridge (after accidently driving on it instead of parking next to it... and driving back to brooklyn so that we could walk it)... but most importantly we (or actually MOH) WON lottery tickets for Book of Mormon... which was great!

    I finished my bridal hangers (separate post). Glued the fabric on my cardbox.

    All in all a good week.
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