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Vent about FI!

So our food tasting is tomorrow night and i just get a call from FI saying, " the tasting negotiable? it turns out there's a giants game tomorrow night..." you have to be FREAKING kidding me!!! i told him that it is NOT negotiable and we've have this plan for well over a month to go tomorrow. i swear if he even mentions the giants game between today and tomorrow he's going to get punched in the nose.

Re: Vent about FI!

  • haha gotta luv men and there football.  They think the world should stop so they can watch! 
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  • LOL!!!  My FI has joked around saying things like, "What if the Reds are in playoff contention on the day of our wedding?" Or "What if there is a really good concert we have to miss?"  I know he's joking but I want to slap him anyway.  I feel ya.  Men are weird. 
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    "Can we plan to leave for the honeymoon Sunday night instead of morning because what if the Bears play at noon.  I've never missed a game." -FI

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  • lol oh no!  I'm a huge football fan but FI is a sportsaholic.  Its really bad.  You would think the world revolves around sports!  God forbid there is a big game on our wedding day / night.  He would literally be torn as of what to do.  Guys can be such morons!

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  • My FI is the same, a sports nut! It doesnt matter what sport either.. men!
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  • i'm glad i'm not the only one! you guys are cracking me up!
  • Fl knows I don't like sports. Thank god he isn't really into them. But I would definitely be mad too.
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  • Me: Sweetie.  I love you and I'll love you forever.  But Sundays are for football.  You're not allowed to mess with football.
    FI: Ok...

    I'm the one who won't do wedding related things on Sundays unless it's a last resort (like our engagement photos).  Poor guy...
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    [QUOTE]"Can we plan to leave for the honeymoon Sunday night instead of morning because what if the Bears play at noon.  I've never missed a game." -FI
    Posted by elliemonster2012[/QUOTE]

    I would be the one that doesn't want to miss football - Eagles !!!! 
    FI loves the Panthers - actually football teams and college basketball (which i hate basketball) are incorporated into the vows i am slowly writing ...
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  • I totally know where you're coming from: 

    1) Last year, I had to schedule our romantic weekend away around the Eagles' bye week... because FI wanted to spend whatever 3-4h chunk of weekend at a sports bar where ever we were to watch the Eagles play
    2) After FI went to great lengths to scheduled our engagment photos with his dad for last Sun, he sheepishly called me the Thurs before to ask to reschedule because of the Eagles game... since I'm off for 2 weeks, it didn't really matter to me, but if I had to make switches at work I would have been annoyed... you'd think he'd have their schedule memorized...
    3) I told FI that he'd probably miss the first 2-3 games next year, because I didn't know where I would be able to find a sports bar in Europe that would be broadcasting the Eagles game... just in case it didn't cross his mind 

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  • We scheduled our wedding on a Michigan bye week... And it was because I REFUSED to get married on a football Saturday! Lol, these stories are really cracking me up.
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