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September 2013 Weddings

Labor Weekend Brides

I just read a post about someone wrote in response to someone wanted a Labor Day wedding (to be more specific - the Sunday), and of course this is our wedding date.  The lady said people travel and its the last unofficial summer weekend before school starts.  Made it seem its not good to hijack someones holiday.

I picked this date because we have many OOT guests, all driving distance.  No need to leave work early or ask for a day off.  FI wanted an August wedding, I wanted later in the year and September 1st was the only date we agreed on.  Also our first pick for our Venue was available.

My questions to you are:
1. Do you feel bad taking over a holiday?
2. what made you pick this weekend?
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Re: Labor Weekend Brides

  • I  do not feel bad at all. In our families Labor Day is not a big deal, more of a "yay an extra day off" which is why it actually works out better for all of our families.

    We went through a lot of dates. I wanted to get married sooner than later and he thought August would work. Our first venue only had 8/31 and when we decided they were too creepy to deal with we had fallen in love with the idea of Labor Day weekend to give everyone an extra day of travel since 95% of the guest are OOT. When we talked to our venue and found out how much cheaper Sunday was than Saturday we picked 9/1.

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  • NO i do not feel bad as you stated.  I did it due to the fact that all my family has to fly to NJ to come to our wedding so it gives them 2 days that they don't have to take off work to get to NJ and to get home again. I actually have family that has been married on labor day weekend for the same reasons.
  • Not a Labor Day bride, however, I personally feel that Labor Day isn't the worst wedding to get married on.  It's not the Fourth, or Easter, or Christmas, or Thanksgiving.  I'd have a much harder time with that.  My parents have been to a few Labor Day weekend weddings and it's always fine.  They don't complain.

    When you have kids I think it's harder, but especially when kids aren't involved it's just another day off.

  • I'm also not a Labor Day bride, but it would not bother me one bit to get invited to a labor day weekend wedding. Also since it's Sunday, I could still have Saturday to myself for the holiday to do the family BBQ stuff. I'd personally like it.
  • We were actually hoping for August 31st.  We have a lot of OOT guests and I think it would have been nice for them to have that extra day.  Our date is the weekend after (Sept 7) and my FSIL has to delay the kids starting school for a week to attend the wedding. 

    It's Labour Day, not Christmas or Easter.  Don't let people make you feel bad. 
  • Also, I have attended a wedding the Saturday before Easter, which didn't bother me either.  It was nice to have the extra days off work to travel.  Just saying.  ^^
  • I'm not a Labor Day weekend bride, but I have been invited to 2 weddings that were on a Labor Day weekend. The first one I couldn't get off work, so I couldn't go but it had nothing to do with it being Labor Day weekend. The other one, I was able to get off work and had a blast! I personally, as a guest, would welcome a Labor Day weekend wedding since I would have that Monday off to travel.

    On a similar note, I am having a little trouble with my bridal shower being on Memorial Day weekend.  I notified all my VIPs a year in advance once my mom really pushed for that weekend so that her sisters could all travel down here without taking off work.  Now that my mom is sending out invitations, I have a few friends that forgot and already made vacation plans.  No big deal for me though.  

    I have kindof beat around the bush on this response, but I think Labor Day weekend weddings are ideal for travelling guests. Smile

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  • My brothers wedding was on new years eve into new years... Now that was annoying we wanted to be with our friends not at HER ewww wedding. Sorry I do not like her!
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  • I'm also on Sunday the 1st and I thought it would be the perfect weekend when I started. Most of our guests are from the US or Canada and it is the only three day weekend for both countries. I figured it would be good for people. Then I started getting complaints from people who weren't from the US and Canada and a couple comments from people in university. I panicked a bit and debated just eloped because I was getting frustrated with everyone pressuring me to change the date. Then I had an epiphany- there is no possible date in the calendar that would make everyone happy. I gave over a year in advance notice for the date and didn't hear any complaints until after we booked the reception. Other things have been a bit more difficult because of the holiday like booking live music and rentals. But luckily I started pretty early planning everything so I was able to solve all those problems. 
  • I'm getting married on Sept.6th we decided this was the best since we have moved the date twice already and we will already be at the beach. I was the first place we ever went on vacation together and it would be special for us.  Luckily we didn't have any problems changing the date. we are very excited.
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