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5 yr plan

Just for fun...

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?  10 years? 

Makesure you wrote these down to see if you get there! 
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Re: 5 yr plan

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    5 years from now my lil guy should be starting K.  I hope FI and I are still very happyly married and in love.  I hope that we have another lil one (fingers crossed for a girl)  I hope in 5 years we have enough money that I can be a stay at home mommy and be living in my dream house on 5 acers. 

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    My 5 year plan consists of still being happily married, licensed as a nurse practitioner and still employed at the university. 2013 is my year to begin working on 2 of the 3 as the third one is already in place
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    Great question!

    5 year: happily married, new job, new house, hopefully a little one

    10 year: still loving married life, settled into a career I love, have the house fully decorated, enjoying watching my kid(s) grow

    Kind of vague, but I am excited about the future. I'm working my butt off now (full time [crummy] job, working on my master's, save save save) to hopefully achieve the life I want in the future!
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    5 years: happily married, house!!! and baby(ies).
    10 years: a job I really love, starting the process of buying a second home on the Cape, have already traveled to Italy, Sicily, London, or Paris (or all!).  And Still just as happy with FI as I am now.   
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    5 years: happily married (eee! love writing that!), starting to settle in a location yet to be determined, and thinking about having kids.  And I'll have three weeks vacation.

    10 years: Married with kids, new car, and enjoying my four weeks vacation somewhere on the Cape.  Preferably in my own house.  Or at least at my parents'.
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    5 years - happily married with a masters in Health Information Management.  I'd also like to have most, if not all, of the house remodeling jobs I'm working on finished.

    10 years - still happily married and preparing to send my son off to high school (!!).  Either settled into a new career entirely working from home, or as a stay-at-home wife/mom -no more office life for me after a certain point.  New (bigger) house a zip code over from where we are now lol, and a new car.
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    5 year - Still married haha, 2 welshies instead of just 1 running around, still working at same doctor's office but part time with a toddler and a baby on my hip!

    10 year - 2 welshies (better be the same 2!), an approx 8yr old and a 4 or 5 year old, bigger house in the deeper suburbs (hopefully new construction like this one was!) and still working part time here at work...I love my doctors!

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    5 year - Happily married of course!  Hope to have gone to some epic concerts together, seen beautiful places while traveling, ...and getting ready to celebrate my 40th birthday with a huge blowout party with all my friends and family.  (Good lord I'm almost 40.  I think I just started sweating.)  We have a five year goal to be out of my current home and purchase a bigger one together by then.   

    10 year - Still happily married of course!  Having put in 22 years of service, I will be happily thinking of retirement.  Hopefully the rules of governement retirement in Ohio haven't changed by then and I can still retire with 30 years of service. Then we can seriously think of moving away from Ohio to Asheville, NC or buy one of those big houses on wheels and just travel all over.  Since we don't plan on having kids, the world is ours to explore while still young enough to enjoy it. 
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    5 years-  Married and loving it!  By then I'm thinking/hoping I'll be done having our 2 or 3 babies.  A pool should be built in our home by then also.  Career wise I might be working as a registered dietitian.  (But who knows!)  My husband will be working as a CPA.

    10 years-  Still married!  Already told the soon-to-be-hubby we're renewing our vows somewhere tropical with our kiddies and close family and friends at the 10 year mark.  By then I think we'll be moving into a new home.  Career wise, I have no idea.  I would love to be an at home mommy with a part time job.  My hubby may have his own practice by then!
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    That is a tough one... Right now I see myself working as a surgical techif someone would just give me a job already and MAYBE have a two or three year old ... Maybe. Because in 5 years I will also have my son graduating and FI and I mostly me are on the fence about having anymore. Hoping to have a house and be stable ... And Happily married
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