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6 months and just started!!!!!

Am I insane? LOL
My FI and I have been engaged over a year now. Got heavy into wedding planning right from the start and everything just fell through. So here we are....March, and we just booked our venue and made sure the photographer we previously booked was free.
Wedding is now officially 9-15-13 and honestly I'm kinda freaking out. I know other brides have done it and many more will. Sigh.
Please tell me it will all be alright!
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Re: 6 months and just started!!!!!

  • You will be fine! I have soo much to do still. I am barely going to my first bridal appointment today! The most ive accomplished is ALOT of research and a booked DJ and venue.
    Take it day by day :)
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  • You'll be fine! It's totally possible and it sounds like you've got some of the big stuff figured out already. 
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  • You are going to be just fine! It is really good you have some of the big things checked off your list. Make sure you get your dress and Bridesmaid dresses ordered asap so you have time for any needed alterations! Don't worry everything will fall into place. Welcome to TK September board!!!
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  • You totally got this.  Make a list of your top priorities with your FI and work on those.  All you really need to get married is a licence and someone to marry you.  Everything else is just icing on the wedding cake :-)
  • you can do it! I just engaged at the VERY end of January and I'm doing fine. Just got my dress this weekend, and was able to take it with me that day. I'll just have to go back in for alterations. Right now though, it fits PERFECT.

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  • Thanks for the support everyone! Trying to take one day at a time  but its so difficult! LOL. Hoping to get my dress taken care of soon :)
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