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My body refused to cooperate with me this morning, and I am just now getting to the office (bad). So, sorry for the delay...

What does everyone have planned for this week?
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  • My body refuses to cooperate as well.  Of course my office is like a chunk of ice in here.  I'm wearing a long sleeved tshirt, thin sweater, a hoodie (with the hood up I might add) and a blanket is in my lap.  Needless to say, they need to turn the friggin' heat on. 

    As for this week, I'll be pretty much glued to the tv watching the Cincinnati Reds in the playoffs.  I have no wedding stuff planned.  I'm taking a break since I'm ahead of the game anyway. 
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  • The goal for this week is to recover.  My FI and I did Pre-Cana this past weekend.  We've been together for six years and communicate very well (we're also currently in a LDR so it was sink or swim with communication) but still felt like we learned things about each other and grew as a couple.  Glad we did it, but I'm exhaused after two days of intense discussion and learning about marriage.  On the plus side, we did pick our invitations and settle on centerpieces last week.  Go loads done!

    This week we're planning on booking our hotel blocks and finishing the website once we get that information.  We're no longer doing floral centerpieces so I want to call a few florists for quotes (and pray I get a good one from the one I want).

    NWR:  Cleaning and laundry... all the stuff I didn't get don't last week or over the weekend.
  • I am a very busy person this week.  I have a women's faith and fitness tonight,  church chior practice tomorrow, pick up my bridesmaid dress wednesday ( for my best friends wedding).  I am going to finalize the wedding guest list!! And most likely go buy some silk flowers for my wedding!!  
  • WR checking out more venues. NWR ordering desk copies for next semester and recovering from last week. My body didn't want to cooperate this morning either but I pushed myself. Off to the gym.
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  • WR: Working more on our website, putting the deposit down on our venue, ordering the STD's and thank you cards, getting more addresses and phone numbers for our guest list, and making dress hangers with wire names. NWR: I have to get new outfits for pictures at daycare this week, pick up Halloween costumes for the kids, and maybe do some more Christmas shopping.
  • I;m super busy as, school, it never ends. Nothing WR this week. Working on a publication and a presenation for the National Rehab Educators Conference. FI is making a big presentation this weekend in Chicago so we'll be headed there Thurs, its a black tie event and yes it's Monday and I havent even found an evening gown...ugh shoot me?
  • WR Sent deposit to florist today. Also called a few transportation companies, but I feel there has to be a cheaper option. I will keep trying. Ordered STD samples, just need to wait for those to come in to make a decision and order!

    NWR Take the dog to the vet tonight and try to get myself to the gym at least 3 days this week. Wishful thinking. It is cold and dreary here and all I want to do is lay on the couch!!!
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  • I've got a whole bunch of doctors appointments for my little son this week :( I'm really hoping they go well. As far as wedding stuff, on my list is reviewing and finalizing a caterer and menu. Plus I get to hopefully go over all of our paper designs so that in the next couple of weeks I can see our invitation mock-up!

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  • Well I think we're pretty much settled on the reception venue we looked at last Thurs. so I need to get the date locked down between the church and there.  :)
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    [QUOTE]My body refused to cooperate with me this morning, and I am just now getting to the office (bad). So, sorry for the delay... What does everyone have planned for this week?
    Posted by mpickl[/QUOTE]

    I have to go pick up my veil at some point this week.
    Also hoping to FINALLY have the website for the hotel  so I can send out my STD cards in the next week ....

    FI is coming up to me this weekend since he has been stuck where he is since his aunt had gotten sick - so we may go to the state fair on sunday since he will be here.  not 100% on that though yet,  work and shuttling my son to baseball are the only major things going on all week....

    Next week is when i think things will get interesting
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  • WR:  We are meeting with a few of our friends that DJ and see who will give us the best deal and work with us the best.  Also going to try to get my wedding website up and running. 

    NWR: I like goofy will be watching the Reds this week!  I have to get a catscan for some health issues I have going on.  Starting Zumba tomorrow night so I prob wont beable to walk Thurs.  We have desided to start Christmas shopping and making our list so that should be fun!  Sat FI's Great Aunt is turning 100 so we have to go to her bday party, then we have a wedding on Sat night.  Sunday I hope to get some laundry done and watch some football and REST!   
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  • My body didn't cooperate yesterday - and I refused to force it.  Had a WONDERFUL day with FI before he went in for his night shift.

    WR:  Choosing STDs and invitations.  Well, narrowing it down to 2-3 I like and sending to FI for his final vote.  We hardly have time to spend together and I don't want to force him to spend it doing someth he really doesn't want to to (his eyes literally started swimming around yesterday in Michael's before he grabbed a box and said "Here babe, this fits the bill."  They were some type of damask, which is pretty...but not at all what we're doing).  Figuring out HM destination.

    NWR: Organization is paying off and I should be able to start redoing my kitchen/dining room in the next month or so!  I'm also starting Insanity tonight, so prayers will probably be needed in the morning lol.  Decorating pumpkins with Mini-me.
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  • WR: My dress came in.  They said 12 weeks, it's been 2. So I gotta pick that up sometime soon. Pretty sure I found my STD on etsy. I really like it, so we gotta get the picture and wording in order sometime soon. We aren't sending them out until the new year though.

    NWR: We have a pumpkin carving party this weekend. We also are going to try and hit up the drive in this weekend.
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