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Dress Drama?? Would this bother you??

So I got my dress last month.  The other day I went with my fiance to visit some friends.  (A married couple.)  I showed my friend a pic of the dress on my phone.  She said,  "That's my dress!"  Not, oh that looks like my dress but that is the same dress she wore at her wedding.  She got married last year and I'm getting married Sept.21, 2013.  She changed the neckline to a sweetheart and it originally is a scoop.  (I like it both ways, don't know which I'm going to do.)  

Anyways I love the dress and I know it shouldn't bug me.  Her wedding has already passed and only 1 couple from that wedding will be going to ours, who btw happens to be a bridesmaid of mine and my fiance's groomsmen!  When I showed the pic of my wedding dress to that bridesmaid she didn't make a comment like, 'oh I feel like I've seen that dress...'  She just said she loved it.  

I know it's all about how you feel and no one else but I can't help that this is in the back of my mind.  The sales lady at Alfred Angelo talked about how people can change the neckline, at a bit more train, or even add a few more crystal to make it different.  I'm so excited to get my dress at the end of this September but I hate that this is weighing on me a bit.  How would you feel???
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Re: Dress Drama?? Would this bother you??

  • Hmmm...I'm trying to put myself in your shoes. 
    I would like to think it wouldn't bother me but if I'm honest it probably would. It shouldn't because like you said not too many people will be at your wedding that were at hers but it might be something that bugged me. I don't know if I would get a new dress however. 

    A similar thing happened to my SIL when she was getting married. A distant cousin of hers got married and my brother was her wedding videographer. She wore the dress my SIL bought a week earlier. when my SIL's mother (who was at the wedding) saw the bride she told my SIL she had the same dress. Now my brother sees up to 2 brides a week and would not have remembered but my SIL went and got a new dress anyway. But she said she only did that because she was completely torn between two dresses and it was early enough that she could change it with no consequences. 

    Good luck, whatever  you decide will be perfect! 

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  • Like PP I would like to say it wouldn't bother me but I am pretty sure it would.  If you can change it enough to make it your own then I say stay with it.  Other wise didn't you say before you had another dress you loved as well.  Maybe go with that one? 

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  • Thanks for the input ladies.  Think I'm gonna see how I feel when I go for alterations at the end of September.  I may make some slight changes in the dress so I feel like it is really, 'mine.'
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