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09 13 2013

am i realy the only one in here getting married in september 2013

Re: 09 13 2013

  • I am most likely getting married in either september or october 2013 :)
  • lol oh i felt like whaaaaat???
  • I will be getting married 7 September 2013. =]
  • our date is set for 9-9-13
  • Our date is Sept.21 2013.  We are actually already married but that's our 5 year anniversary and I want the ceremony and reception that I never got to have!
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    [QUOTE]Our date is Sept.21 2013.  We are actually already married but that's our 5 year anniversary and I want the ceremony and reception that I never got to have!
    Posted by hondagirl81[/QUOTE]

    We are looking at the same date!!  :)
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  • Im torn between 9-14 or 9-21 (its really just coming down to what looks better in the invites hahha)
  • Our tentative date is set for September 7, 2013! (and I can't wait!)

  • @ Kaitlin- Our date is Sept 7th as well!! I asked my FI to pick between labor day weekend (august 31st) and sept 7, so he said "sept 7 sounds so sexy!' and i couldn't stop laughing = )
  • I really want to get married in September, but  my fiance' want graduate until December 2012. So we decided it would make more sense to wait until 2013. He thinks September is to long to wait (seeing as I want to wait until marriage to move in and he could end up working anywhere in the country!) but I still like the idea of late September. I guess we'll see in about a year!
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  • I'm getting married September 14, 2013. We are waiting until I'm completely finish with school and plus we can use the extra time to save to get what we want.
  • Hi! I am a transplant from the May 2012 boards. Plans changed (money) and we decided to change our date to September 28, 2013. So I will be posting here now! Looking forward to hearing everyone's ideas! And getting to know each other also!
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  • Sept. 13, 2013! Friday the 13th!... the #13 is not going to make or break my wedding =)
  • Sept. 21, 2013! Such a popular date. It was the day of our first date, and honestly is a day more meanful to us than the day he proposed (June 5th). We are also putting it off due to school. Hopefully we'll (I'll) be done with everything by then or else we will probably move it to Sept. 21, 2014! Now THAT seems too far away.
  • 09-13-13 Somerset NJ!  No worries about Friday the 13th, if anything, lucky that no one else booked that day! Ironically, fingers crossed that no one does until then!
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    I thought the same thing. It seems like every time I mention we're getting married in Sept of 2013, people think it's so far out to even start planning it!

    I think we are going to pick 9-13-13 as well! We started dating on the May 13th and got engaged on Aug 13th, so I think we want to stick with the date theme for our wedding day! Smile
  • ours is set for 9.13.13
  • Our wedding date is 9132013 also :
  • Our wedding date is 9132013 also :
  • Mine too lol. 9-13-13
  • My date is also 9/13/13. I figured if Friday the 13th is good enough for my to be born on, it's good enough for my wedding!
  • Another Sept 7, 2013 here :)

    And Sept 21 ....

    We're having a ceremony and lunch reception for family in Maine on the 7th.  And then a much larger reception for all our friends and extended family in Atlanta (where we live) on the 21st.

    But the 7th will be the "official" date.  It is also our 10 year anniversary of how long we've been together, which is why we picked it. :)
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    Ohhh, this is an old thread! 

    Our wedding is September 7th.  So excited!  At first, our venue didn't have anything available in September, and then the 7th opened up!  It's perfect.  My fiance's parents' anniversary is September 6th.  His sister's anniversary is September 9th.  And now we have the 7th. 

    Plus, the anniversary of a friend of mine's is on September 8th!  So it sounds like a perfect time of year for weddings :D

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  • 9/13/13 for me! in Narragansett RI!

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  • We wanted 9/13/13 but the venue already had that date booked. We chose 9/06/13 which is our 4.5 year anniversary.
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  • I'M a September Friday the thirteenth 2013 bride!!!! Our anniversary is September 6 and we will have been together 8 years. 
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