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I am currently confused about my "maid of honor". I have a 4 year old daughter, who will be almost 6 when we get married, that i want involved in my wedding as much as possible. She lives with me all the time except with her dad about 24 hours every other weekend. So, my FI is pretty much like her dad. We are having her completely involved in every aspect of the wedding. My sister is my MOH mstly because she is my only sister, I was her MOH and just feel like she should be mine. But, I will be having my daughter standing by me, holding my flowers during the vows and rings and pretty much doing all of the MOH duties. My sister is a little upset about it, but feel like my daughter should be involved as much as possible, mostly because she really wants to. Am I being ridiculous for letting my daughter do some of the MOH duties during the ceremony?
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Re: MOH?

  • Ooh that sounds like a tough position to be in but it's your wedding and it is your daughter so you should do as you please.  And your sis should be supportive and go along with whatever you want!.  I don't think you're being ridiculous at all because your daughter is young and wants that experience with you.  Your sister is a grown woman who has to be mature enough to understand that that is a special role your daughter wants to fulfill for you.  Stick to your guns and I'm sure your sis will go with the flow.  She has no choice!  Laughing
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  • I feel like there are a lot more areas that your sister could be utilized in a MOH capacity where your daughter couldn't... Like planning the bachelorette party & shower, offering opinions, more advanced crafting, etc... I don't think she should be upset that she won't play as big of a role in the actual ceremony, so no, I don't think you are unjustified at all. Perhaps giving her a few of these MOH duties soon would help her to understand her role?
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  • Your sis will still have plenty to do.  Not like your daughter can throw a wedding shower or do your bach party.  Maybe thing of something else special you could have your sister do.  I think it is awesome you want your daughter to do so much.  I want my lil guy involded as much as pos too but he will only be 2. 
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  • Thanks girls! My sister actually is my maid of honor, but I am just letting my daughter play the role of the maid of honor during the ceremony pretty much just standing right next to me and holding my flowers and she will walk up right in front of me. My sister just thinks that as her being the MOH she should be the one to do that, but I believe I am just going to stick with my gut and let me daughter do what she wants as I know this is a big thing for her!
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