Apple butter and Whoopie Pies

Hi All,

I have never been on this board before, but thought you'd be helpful. I am just starting to think about the way we'll be giving out our favors. We are doing homemade apple butter in 4oz jars (September wedding, so the season is where this inspiration came from) and we are also doing homemade whoopie pies (we're from Maine, and getting married here... I guess it's kind of a Maine thing). We'll have enough for one person to have one favor (Either one apple butter or one whoopie pie). We will have about 70 of each, so 140 total, with 125 guests invited.

Should we

a: put one at each place setting  --- every other setting will get a whoopie, and every other will get an apple butter (I'm assuming people would be happy with either one, and they can trade with another person at the table if they're really set on having the other option)

b: put them on a seperate table with a sign that says something like "love is sweet, take a treat" .... in this case we'd just have to assume/hope people would only take one, because there's only enough for each guest to have one. This way they could choose which one they want, But, we do have extra so if a few people did take both we'd be okay. The only problem here would be if EVERYONE wanted one thing, then it was only the other thing left, leaving others to not have a choice anymore (even though that's probably ok because some people don't get a choice at all....)

c: figure out one more favor to go on the "favor table" mentioned above, giving 3 options....(this is last resort since we don't really want to spend anymore time or money on favors)

Thanks for your help ! Sorry I don't know how to make a fancy poll

Re: Apple butter and Whoopie Pies

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    twilight.rosetwilight.rose member
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    I would probably do a separate table with the little saying. People will take what is available, so if all of one item is gone, people will take the other option.

    Just personal opinion, but I always think it looks a little odd to have alternating favors at place settings.
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    If you did do alternating favors at the place setting perhaps that would ensure that each couple would get one of each? You could also use them as escort cards putting a tag with the person's name and table number on it.
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    player0326player0326 member
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    I would do the every other place thing.  Everybody will take one of each favor!  Both sound so good.
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    kgorman307kgorman307 member
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    I'd alternate the place settings. If I saw two very different favors on a table that said "please take one" I don't know that I'd realize how many people there are vs. how many favors and I'd probably take one of each thinking that's what was intended.

    The only catch is that if I attended solo and didn't get a whoopie pie at my seat, I'd be SO bummed! I guess I'd just trade like PP mentioned though
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