2 in 1 (favor/table decor)

We are having a budget wedding...so we're cutting corner, cutting cost, and doing alot of 2 in 1 ideas.  Here's my favor idea...FI liked it alot.  It suits our personality, and our theme.

Photo Coasters.  You can get the glass photo coasters at walmart or online for relatively cheap.  They're the frosted glass color.  I found them onsale online for $4.99 for 6 coasters.  We're going to print off 6 to 8 of our favorite black and white photos of us while we were dating, then add a saying that matches our wedding theme, plus the date.  We'll sit one at each place setting to actually be used as coasters.  So it'll also be a table decoration.  At the end of the reception we'll let our guest know that they can keep their coaster.  It will end up costing about a dollar per guest, but it'll cut a little cost on table decor.  Plus it's sentimental, and useful!  Our guest is all close friends and family, so we know they'll appreciate it!

Just an idea!

Re: 2 in 1 (favor/table decor)

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    As long as u are sure they would all like it, I think it is fine. However, I know I personally wouldn't want a coaster with a picture of someone else in it. But if it is really all family then go for it. I know my grandmothers and people like that love this kind of thing. 
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    Ditto PP.  Also, Are they only getting one coaster?   I know its a budget wedding, but If I was a guest, what will I do with one coaster.  But I guess if the guest list is small to family and close friends, the idea might work out just fine. 
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    Agree with PP's. I am not a huge fan of favors to begin with, and then a picture of someone else seems a little odd.
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    Agree with pp's - I woudln't want a coaster with your photos in it - even if it was my cousin or something honestly.  Just a little odd, although it is a very cute idea.

    How about putting something else in the photo insert section, we are doing monograms of the guest's last name.
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    i wouldn't want a coaster with someone elses picture in it.  even if it was a family member.  however, if you can replace the photo its not as bad - the guest can take it home and put a different picture in it.  most people will probably do this, so don't spend alot on photo printing.

    but i agree - one coaster is kind of a weird gift. 
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    If you are set on on the glass coasters, why not put a picture of something related to your wedding in it.  Like if you are using roses, put a pretty picture of a rose in it.  But, I agree with the others.  A coaster with someone else's picture won't be used much.  However, just a pretty coaster would get used at an office desk where only one coaster is necessary.
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    A wedding I went to a while ago did photos of them in frames for favors/table decor, and no one took them. Granted, they were set up in such a way that you couldn't really tell if they were favors or decor, but I would imagine the same thing would happen with coasters. Personalizing it to guests, or having the photos be interchangeable where they could put their own in is a great idea though! I definitely like the 2 in 1 ideas :)
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    We are doing what the prior poster said & putting the monogram of the guest's last name in the "picture opening". We are also doing 2 coasters per person, and since most of our guests are married, each couple will get 4 coasters.

    There's nothing wrong with doing a "two-fer". Maybe put a "thank you" tag on the coaster(s) and tie a flower to them or something to let them know it's a gift, not just a coaster for use at the table.
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    I went to a wedding where we got a 4-pack of coaster with the couples pictures on them. Everyone at our table ended up leaving them there because we had never met the coule just the parents. I think your idea of a 2 for 1 is great, but have you considered something like wooden roses? They are super inexpensive and you can give like 2 or 3 to each guest and it only would cost like 50 cents depending on how many you order. Just a thought.
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