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Not sure if this is the correct location for this question (put this elsewhere and then found this board and figured this was a better location), but I am looking for reasonalby priced 'craft bags' to use for welcome gift bags.  I am looking to put two bottles of water and some small snacks (mini-candies, crackers, etc).  I would love to get these bags in Navy as that is one of the main colors for our wedding.  Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I can get fairly affordable but well made bags like this?  I looked at a local craft store but they only seem to sell bundles of multi-colored bags or brown/white ones. 

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    I spent hours tracking down "matchy-matchy" OOT bags for my daughter's wedding. The best "deal" I found for the size of bag we needed was $1.00 per bag. In hindsight, it was not really worth the time, effort, or expense. What I would suggest is that you purchase white bags. You can get more "bang for your buck" using a little navy tissue paper and/or ribbon to "accent" the bags with your color scheme. I also reinforced the bottom of the bags with clear packing tape because I knew the bags would be handled frequently hauling them to the hotel, and then again by hotel personnel. If you have a Dollar Store nearby, you might want to check there. You can also order on line if you don't have a store nearby. Oriental Trading Company also sells bulk bags of varying size and color. Party City also has a website you can check. Depending on the date of your wedding, you may be able to look for sales after Easter and/or Memorial Day or July 4th.
  • Seach around on this site 

    I linked to the Navy one but this might not be what youre looking for. Here are 25 for $10 and probably the cheapest on the site
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  • Oriental trading has many colors and they are 12 for $6. I am getting the white ones, and putting a sticker with our monogram on it.
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  • I got my welcome bags from Favors You Keep: http://www.favorsyoukeep.com/. The people who run the company are really nice and the prices are affordable.  You can personalize the bags, including adding a monogram or skyline graphic if you're in or near a major city.  Hope this helps!
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