How to set up favors?

Has anybody done one favor per couple? Our favors are big in size and I was thinking of doing one per couple (and one per single person). My question is how would you set that up for the guests at the table????

We're making the favors this week and we need to decide how many to make, If we do one per person then we will only do half of our plan but if we do one per couple we are able to do the entire thing.

Our plan: (note: FI is chef)

We are going to brand our initial into a cedar plank. In addition we were going to make our own rub to go along with the plank so all they need to do is get some meat and cook away. If we do one per person it will only be the plank.

Re: How to set up favors?

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    Interesting favor...I'm not sure doing 1 per couple is such a good idea just because it is hard to delegate and set-up.  Why not do something a little more simple?  Then you could just do 1 per couple, sit them all at 1 table/put 1 pers eating place, etc.

    Otherwise, you might tag your favors with the couples names and just put them on a table together.
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    We did one per couple and since we assigned tables, we just had the appropriate number of favors at each table.  So if there were 4 couples, there were 4 favors.  If there were 2 couples and 4 singles, there were 6 favors, etc.  People got the idea.
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    I do't mind the favor idea except for the part about putting YOUR initial on it?  Why would your guests want something for their home with YOUR initial on it?  skip the branding.

    Then attach your escort card to the plank and rub. 

    Mr. and Mrs. Trix
    Table #7

    Then we have our table assignment and our favor all at one time.
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    thanks girls. 

    our initial was just a way to make the wood like nicer and it will burn off anyways once they use it.  It's not meant to be a decoration and it shows we made it. but if you think it seems too self-centered maybe we should rethink.
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    We are doing one per couple adn we have lanterns. you just how many couples couples you have and how many single people you have. Put them at their tables
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    do all your guests cook? It's a cool Idea, but since I don't cook I was like awesome it's a big peice of wood that will take up space in my kitchen, something to think about?
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    Lovely idea.  Not sure if all PP realize that the plank is used for grilling meats or fish and that you basically use it once and throw it out, as opposed to keeping it in your kitchen --- but I love it.  And I love the idea of burning your monogram into the planks.

    Given the size of the favor, I would suggest that you make 50 planks and 50 spice rubs (if your budget allows for this) so a table of 8 would have 4 planks and 4 spice rubs, alternating around the table. So, some single quest would go home with a plank, and others a spice rub. 

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    Since I wouldn't know what to do with it, you might want to consider some instructions...
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