silver almonds for favors

If you like the silver almonds to include as wedding favors, don't order them here.  Go directly to Jordan Almonds at jordanalmonds.com to save money.  Here they are $24.00 a bag, but if you buy four bags at Jordan you can get them for $15.00 a bag.  I ordered them from here but when I tried to cancel it - no one from their customerservice@thknot.com ever responded.  THEY STILL HAVE NOT RESPONDED.  They accept your order quick enough but if you need to cancel or return anything, TOO BAD!!!!!  It pays to comparison shop.  I found out the hard way that this site charges top buck for the exact same item you can find on other sites for much less.  Weddings cost enough, save money where you can!

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    This is why you are supposed to comparison shop BEFORE you make a purchase. Also, of course they are going to charge more on a site like The Knot for jordan almonds than if you were to go directly to the jordan almond website. The Knot likely purchases them from the jordan almond website as well and, as a business, they have to make money somewhere in order to survive. 

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    Agreed. ALWAYS shop around or you're gonna get screwed..

    Or just don't buy Jordan almonds, cause they're awful.
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